Friday, June 09, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II Figure

Four Kotobukiya Kingdom Hearts II figures are available for pre-order at Hobby Link Japan at 3610 Yen each. There's Sora, Roxas, Kairi and Axel. They will be released in September.

I think these are pretty much the same model as Final Fantasy models released by Kotobukiya. You can pose them in different poses. I think only Sora and Roxas are worth collecting since Kairi looks bad with her complexion and joints. Axel dressed like Sephiroth but the facial expression is lacking. I'm hoping they will release the Master form and the Final form.

Tomy did release Disney Magical Collection: Kingdom Hearts II Sora in both Brave and Wisdom form. They are about 5 inches. Nevertheless, they cost less. I hope they will release Master and Final form next.

Refresh your memory with Sora looks in different form.



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