Monday, December 19, 2005

Something about Sora KHII (3 more days)

Sora special forms:

Valour, Wisdom, Master and Final form of Sora.

Sora is depicted in black in KH 2. However, it has been revealed that Sora can merge with either Donald or Goofy or even both for special form. The valour form (red) is the fusion of Sora & Goofy, yielding 2 keybalds. The wisdom form (blue) enable the fushion of Donald & Sora to shot magic with the keyblade. The master form (yellow) is the fusion of all three characters, the moves, one word "Spectacular!!!".

The silver form appeared in one of the magazine, though no information on the fusion was given, but it certainly raise the expectation of the game!

Strongly recommend both sites KH2 and KH Ultimania for fabulous magazine scans and trailers, not to mention all the valuable information.


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These Pictures Are The Best!!! And There Pimin!!!


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