Wednesday, December 07, 2005

FMP OSTs Review

Full Metal Panic is too popular not to be known by anime fans. Post the OSTs for FMP series(too lazy to do for the DVDs).

I like all the themes of FMP series; FMP, FMP Fumoffu and FMP TSR. Personal favourite would be "Tomorrow" from FMP and "Minami Kaze" from FMP TSR. As usual, these OSTs can be acquired from both Yesasia and Playasia. Yesasia only has FMP Fumoffu OST and FMP TSR OST last time I visited. So Playasia would be best option for FMP OSTs.

The DVDs can be purchased from a lot of places, AnimeFan and Ollin have links and comments to them, so do visit them. Of course, Yesasia and Playasia have them too, to a certain amount.

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