Wednesday, December 07, 2005

AMG DVDs and OSTs Review

AMG Season 2 is set to be air in Japan next year 2006. So I think I'll just post some pictures of the DVDs and the OSTs. I'll add some recommendations and comments.

My interest is in OSTs so I'll make comments on the OSTs, but the DVDs are excellent too. The AMG single Open Your Mind - Chiisana Hane Hirogete by Yoko Ishida's is best for those whose only like the opening theme. The other single WING, the closing theme wasn't that appealing. AMG OST and OST2 are excellent collectibles for AMG fans. They comprise all the OST and background music for the anime TV series. The 3 variety albums would be nice additions to the collection if one is fluent in Japanese and a fan of AMG.

There are 8 R2 DVDs with 3 episodes on each DVD. The R1s are more appealing with 5 episodes in each DVD.

AMG R2 DVD can be purchased at Amazon JP, Yesasia and Playasia. I think DVD empire has R1s but MediaBlaster has only produced up to DVD 3(up to Episode 15) at the moment. Playasia has advertised all the R2 DVDs.

I would higly recommend the OSTs being purchased from Playasia(personal favourite) and Yesasia.

This site has a lot of good quality scans of the DVD, OST CD, Magazines and stuff for AMG TV series. Enjoy!

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