Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ichigo 100% OSTs Review

I dont know why I like this "girly" manga but they are appealing. I have most of the OSTs from this series, so I'll make some comments on them.I'll put links to Playasia since they have more selections from this series.

Ichigo 100% first single is "Kimiiro 100%" (bottom left) which comprises the theme song to the OVA. The top row shows the Character Collection which comprise closing theme of the 4 DVDs by each characters and an audio accompanied by background music. The order of the character collection is Toujo Aya, Nishino Tsukasa, Minami Yui and Kitaooji Satsuki.

The one next to Kimiiro 100% is the Sweet Cafe Radio CD, probably the broadcast selection from the series radio station hours. The other two are the Ichigo 100% Drama Theater Vol.1 and Ichigo 100% Drama Theater Vol.2, mostly audio extracted from the anime TV series.
The Yesasia and Playasia.

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