Friday, December 16, 2005

More is revealed on KH II (5 more days!)

Over this week, a lot has been revealed about the coming KH II, the most anticipating PS 2 console game. Official release date is 22nd Dec. which is next Thursday.

Two good website for latest news and scans are KH2 and KH Ultimania. There are 3 official website for KH 2, depicted on the side bar; Official Square-enix, Official Disney Interactive Japan and the NA Sq. Enix.

What to expect from the coming instalment!

1. Sora merge/fuse with Donald and Goofy. There's the brave, valour and master form. Recently a silver form appeared in a magazine.
2. YRP, Stich Chicken Little and Peter Pan will appear as summon
3. More FF characters involved, with Yuffie and Cloud in FFVII AC costume. Seifer, Raijin, Fujin, Vivi, Auron
4. Better gummi ship adventures (KH ones pretty boring)
5. New worlds wuch as Space Paranoid, Pride Land, Timeless River, Land of Dragon, Port Royal, Disney Castle and much more.
6. 13 FFXIII Characters
7. The overdrive movement is excellent (get a tape to hold your jaw)
8. You get to play Mickey and the mysterios boy.

Need more to convince you to get KH II? Expect more surprise to come!

For KH 2 Japan Version Pre-order,visit either Yesasia or Playasia. I'm waiting for either R1 or R4 version. Need to wait till 2006. :(


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