Tuesday, June 13, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 10

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 10:

Peorth fed Keiichi in front of Belldandy. later, Urd warned Keiichi of Belldandy jealousy. Keiichi approached Peorth and Pshe asked him for his wish again. She hinted him on his real desire. He wished for Peorth to fulfil his desire. (I think he was actually refering to that type of wish rather than wishing for it). Peorth sent the request for validation and was granted.

Peorth then tried to serve his desire but Keiichi ran away. He dragged Belldandy and escaped. Peorth chased after them with a bicycle but Belldandy reduced the bike to children bike. They went and hid at the motor club house. Urd told Peorth their whereabouts. She wanted Belldandy to discover a certain matter. Inside club house, Belldandy asked about his wish and Peorth. Peorth soon found them and she remarked that Belldandy didnt fulfil Keiichi's need. Belldandy was stunned and walked out. She whispered that it wasnt because of contract...

Keiichi then spoke out to Belldandy. (Surprise to see that Belldandy can hear him since he was far into the room and she was outside). He said that he might have those desire somewhere in his heart and this could cause him to reach Peorth. But it was because he love her. Because he wanted to be with her forever. Belldandy was touched and ran into the room. She confessed that she has alway love him. (She said "watashi wa keiichi san o aishiteimasu", rather than "dai suki", aishiteru is more powerful than dai suki which mean like very much). She even repeated "aishiteimasu". Peorth called Yydragsil and reported that she had finished her job. Belldandy reliazed that Peorth deliberately wanted her to confess. Peorth then bid farewell to them. Urd was hiding at the side and thanked her for her help. Skuld reliazed that all her "Dobon", "Runner" and other magazines were taken by Peorth.

Chihiro will appear next week. Then should follow by Troubadour arc, Sentaro and Noble scarlet arc and lastly Hild arc.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 10:
「その あたたかな街と人々と…」

Actually a pretty simple story plot. Alice and Aika wanted to discover the secret behind Akari amiability with local residents. She received special treatments from locals whom she had encountered.

Both Alice and Aika followed Akari. They took a cruise to reach their destination. Inside the cruise, Akari socialized with the passengers. Alice and Aika looked through a window by the door. A tall man with briefcase boarded the cruise and they saw Akari talking to the man. Upon reaching the destination, they saw Akari and the puppetmaster. The puppetmaster performed for the kids. He also let Akari manipulate one of the puppet. Alice and Aika soon reliazed the puppetmaster and remember their childhoods joy. In this episode Alice and Aika became close friend.

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