Sunday, June 18, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 11

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 11:

Ootaki and Tamiya received a letter from Chihiro. They both quickly packed and went hiding. Keiichi was building a small motorbike with other club members at the club house. Chihiro approached the club house and shouted for Tamiya and Ootaki. She was told that they were away. Chihiro saw Keiichi's bike and fancied it. Chihiro said that she would also build one and challenged him to a race. The race was scheduled one week later. Before she left, she introduced herself to them. They were shocked to learn that Chihiro was the founding president of their club. Hasegawa later read a magazine of the club and learnt of Chihiro's achievements.

On a particular day, Chihiro asked her colleagues to change certian parts for a race as requested by the sponsor. She was stressed due to sponsor-budget-victory issues. Belldandy appraoched Chihiro and encouraged her. Chihiro asked if Belldandy like Keiichi. Belldandy admitted happily.

Chihiro found Ootaki and Tamiya at one of their hide-outs. She praised them for recruiting Keiichi but she would deal with them later regarding the modification of the motor club vehicle.
The day of the race came. Keiichi maintained constant speed to avoid over-heating. Chihiro sped and over-heated but she brought a spare. Chihiro won in the end. Chihiro's passion for motoring has revived. Few days later, the motor club received another letter from Chihiro stating that she would quit her job to fulfil her passion for motoring. Episode ended with Chihiro in an interview with a company.

My thoughts:
I like the part where Belldandy admitted that she love Keiichi happily. Finally, she courageously & happily admitted to other on her love for Keiichi after last week's episode. Troubadour & Urd arc next week. Should be funny.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 11:
「その 大切な輝きに…」

Akatsuki referred Akari to his brother. His brother requested Akari to help in transporting some glasswares. She was happy because it was her first designated request. She asked Alicia if she could go with her and Alicia happily agreed.

The next day, they reached the place 10 minutes earlier and visited a glassware shop. Akari heard a tourist saying that the glassware was inferior since Neo Venezia was copying Venice. Later, they reached the glass-manufacturing factory. A trainee took away the box of glassware from Akari and said that those were efforts of his seniors. Akari tried to start conversation with the trainee during the transportation. They later stopped for tea time. As they were departing, a guy in another boat dozed off and nearly rammed into them. Akari pushed the gondola away and prevented the collision. She remarked she's still a trainee.

The trainee told Akari and Alicia that people do not appreciate his seniors works and treat them inferior to those of Venice. This made him disappointed. Akari encouraged him and said that she believed there's no replica in real sense. Places and buildings may look similar but the process of building them was different. The lives, memories and values in Neo Venezia are also different. The importance is to like Neo Venezia and cherish the experience. They reached the destination on time and Akatsuki brother thanked them. The trainee said that he felt Akari was an outstanding undine.

Two short episodes next week.

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