Friday, June 23, 2006

ARIA The Natural Drama CD I

Aria The Natural Drama CD has been released today, 23rd June 2006. Drama CD II will be available on 21st July.

Aria season 2 or Aria The Natural has been great. The graphics and settings are of excellent quality. One of my most anticipated series every week.

I've post purchase links for Aria The Natural music CDs. The OST isnt as good as the first in my opinion. Anyway, these are available at Yesasia.

Aria The Natural OST [Released]
Aria The Natural ED~Natsumachi [Released]
Aria The Natural OP~Euforia [Released]
Aria The Natural Drama I [Released]
Aria The Natural Drama II [21st July]
Aria Piano Collection [2nd August]

P/S: I'll wait for Aria Piano Collection track list to see what songs are included for the piano compilations. I always like to collect piano collection especially Final Fantasy piano series. :)



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