Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yesasia June Order

Received my order this morning, 2 manga and a Disney OST. The shipping took nearly 2 weeks, the longest wait so far for my Yesasia orders. Happy to get Suzuka Volume 10 and Pastel Volume 13. Toshihiko Kobayashi added another aside story in volume 13. Since there's now raw for Pastel, I could only rely on manga volume, I wish more chapters could be included in each manga.

The other item I purchased is Disney Magic OST CD. Another music genre that I appreciate beside Japan Animation OST is Disney OST. However, the reasons I bought this CD are:
1. After I move AMG ED2 single to later order. I need to add an item to qualify for free-shipping
2. My Michael Crawford Disney Album was stolen so I decided to replaced it with something else.

I didnt lock my car properly and forgot to close my main gate. Some idiots came and ransacked my car. I lost 3 valuable CDs: [1] Michael Crawford Disney Album 2001, [2] Quest for Camelot OST 1998 and [3] Return of the Condor Heroes, Singapore OST 1998. Item [1] & [2 ]are not available in Australia anymore (at least after searching online & offline for them). Item 3 is Singapore limited edition and rare nowadays.

Nevertheless, the Disney Magic CD was worthy since it has 2 CDs, each has 22 tracks, and came with nice packaging. Though it's a 2004 vintage, I do find this a valued purchase. I have a 3-CD box of Disney 60 years of Musical Magic, it didnt comprise songs after Lion King. Yesasia has it ready-in-stock, so if you are interested in Disney Classics, have a look.

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At 8:43 PM, Blogger R8 said...

yeah, my longest package for yesasia took about two weeks as well. i don't usually mind since it's free shipping. as long at it's not 7 days after their designated time to arrive (about 10 days on that time scale), i'm good. As for Disney music, i only really liked the ones composed by Menken

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

R8, Thanks for dropping by. I browse ur blog everyday. Nice page u have there. :)

Usually, I receive Yesasia order about a week time.

Agree with U, Alan Menken's one of my favourites, along with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Ironic that I appreciate these music genres, which are totally different to Japanese animation OST. :P


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