Sunday, June 25, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 12

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 12:

Urd was reminiscing under the sakura tree at the compound. She thought of her childhood love Troubador who left her. Belldandy told Keiichi and Skuld that Urd would behave that way everytime the season approached. Urd decided to watch her 2pm drama and suddenly a spiral of wind blended with Sakura arrived. It was Troubador. He started to play his harp and sing but Urd got agitated and tried to use her magic. Keiichi rushed to prevent her and had an argument with Troubador. Troubador got jealous and used his magic, chanting "mushi.. mushi". Another explosion from Urd on Troubador. Urd warned Keiichi that Troubador had strong jealousy and people in the past had been attacked by his worm for talking to her. She warned him not to provoke Troubador. Urd later asked him if he had found his golden bird. He said that the bird had arrived the human world.

At night, Skuld forced Urd to tell about their break-off in return of repairing the tv. After repairing and turning it on, they were stunned to see Troubador on a tv show. He dedicated a song to Urd. Urd warped there and casted thunder on him. Back home, the frustrated Urd went for a bath with thoughts in her mind. The naked Urd opened the bathroom and Keiichi was inside. Troubador appeared, got very furious and wanted to harm Keiichi. Urd stoppped him by knocking him with a pail. A ring dropped.

Urd and Troubador had a chat and she asked why he still keep the ring. She wept and Troubador quickly wet the scroll with her tear. He need a earnest tear to open the scroll. Urd laster casted explosion on him for using her. In the morning, Troubador sang the song in the scroll and the golden bird came. The episode ended with Troubador chasing after the bird and Urd returned the ring to him.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 12:
「その 逃げ水を追って…」「その 夜光鈴の光は…」

Akari spotted a town above water afar and frantically told Alicia. Alicia explained that it was a mirage of a town. Akari and Aria sachou later went to buy something. It was a hot day and Akari started to feel heated. She swayed and suddenly realized that everyone was missing. She continue walking endlessly. She then saw Aria sachou and ran after it. She reached a cafe and found Aria sachou inside. She asked for a ice coffee but the owner told her that they only served ice milk. The owner talked about the escaping water and what happen if someone caught up to it. Akari then realized the cafe was full of cats. The owner said that the place was their secret hideout in summer. Akari thanked them and suddenly found herself back in town.

It was the season for noctilucence chime. Noctilucence chimeis a specialty of Aqua. It's a kind of noctilucent stone from Aqua sea. Akari went to the town to shop for her bell. She met Aika. Akari saw a pink chime and it flashed at her. She then bought the pink chime while Aika chose a blue chime. Akari felt a special connection with her noctilucence bell. Alice turned up and bought a green chime from the same stall. Every night Akari spent her night on her gondola with Aria sachou and the chime hanging on the gondola. One day she noticed the lights kept flashing weakly. Alicia said it has reached its life-span. On a particular night, everyone who bought the chimes gathered and bid farewell to the stone as it dropped into the sea. Aika & Akira and Alice & Atena were out there as well on their boats. The noctilucent stones dropped into the sea as people bid farewell to them. Akari's stone left its "heart" behind.

P/S: There's new ED for episode 12. Glad that I pre-order AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa ED 2 [恋人同士]. Heard it and sounds great

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