Saturday, July 15, 2006

Suzuka 114 Airport

凉风 #114 空港 くうこう

In his dark room, lying on the bed, Yamato looked at Miki's message on his phone. She wrote that Suzuka's leaving in an hour and asked him to see her off. It was 9.37am. Yamato looks at the photo and said that Suzuka has managed to remember his birthday (30th July) before she left for America. Then, it reminded Yamato of Suzuka's birthday. He realized that he had forgotten Suzuka's birthday (1st June). Yamato remembered that it was also the day Yui was hospitalized [Refer to chapter 107]. He also realized that Suzuka was anticipating his remembrance the night before she moved out [Reference chapter 110]. Yamato then thought of the time he spent with Suzuka, that Suzuka had to endure her disappointment, while he was trying to supress his feeling to prevent confrontation with her. Yamato then decided to rush to the airport. It's 10am.

At the airport, the track team bid farewell to Suzuka. Miyamoto and Kinugasa sempai were asking about Yamato's whereabout. Miki asked Suzuka to wait and she would call Yamato again. Suzuka asked her not to and said she had bid farewell to him. Miki asked her if it was ok to break up like that. She answered she has decided. The boarding call for Suzuka's flight was announced. Everyone bid her farewell and Suzuka left.

Yamato rushed in from the other side and called Suzuka. Yamato apologized for forgetting her birthday. Suzuka asked if he rushed there just to tell her that. Yamato replied "that.. but also..." Suzuka asked "but .. what..?" Yamato looked at her, proclaimed that he loved her and he didnt want to break up with her. Suzuka was embarassed. He added, "Dont go to America". Suzuka was silent, turned around and then said "Stupid". She left and the exhausted Yamato sat down crying. Meanwhile Suzuka also wept. The chapter ended with the plane departed.

P/S: One thing that everyone in animesuki forum forgot is Suzuka's birthday, even me. I have the Suzuka official guide, a look would immediately help me to realize that Yamato forgot Suzuka's birthday. But the drama since chapter 110 had shocked us and kept us making all sort of guess. Looks like Kouji really knows what he's doing. I'm guessing the next chapter should be on IH competition. Suzuka should be out of the picture for a few chapters.



At 7:20 PM, Anonymous ryohei said...

I'm glad he showed up, Suzuka blushing. so now what next? Continue on without her? or Fast Forward.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger RSXTypeS3xy said...

I'm glad he showed up also, but I really feel bad for their relationship now.. I was hoping that yamato was going to get with Yui and now realized she was only mad 'cause her own birthday.. Kinda expected something like this to happen since they prayed at the shrine. But I think the final chapter when ever it comes, will end happily ever after......


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