Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Suzuka 113 Park

凉风 #113 公園 こうえん

First page shows the depressed Yamato reminiscing Suzuka's farewell in his room. The next day, Yamato put in all his effort in running. Kinugasa sempai was impressed with his effort and had high expectation in him for the coming IH. During the 2 minutes break, Miki approached Yamato. She complimented his spirit and added he shouldnt embarassed himself in the IH as Suzuka's boyfriend. Yamato didnt show much expression, Miki felt strange and asked if Yamato and Suzuka havent patch up. She added that there must be something wrong happening from his attitude and expresison. Yamato denied and walked away.

After the practice, Miki walked home with Yamato. She was puzzled since it wasn't Yamato's route back home. Yamato replied that he didnt feel like going home. Miki asked if he's still arguing with Suzuka. Yamato felt annoyed. Miki added that Suzuka would leave for America next week and asked if he would send her off. Yamato replied maybe not. Miki was shocked and told him to patch up with Suzuka since she's leaving soon. Yamato told her that they have broken up the night before. Miki asked him about the reason but Yamato replied that he didnt hear any. Miki was shocked to know that Yamato didnt ask for the reason from Suzuka. Yamato replied that she had expressed her feeling and he felt discouraged looking at her expression.

Crossing the road, Miki noticed that Yamato seem relieved. She felt incomprehensible since she knew Yamato liked Suzuka. She wondered why Suzuka would do that out of sudden. Yamato told her that maybe Suzuka felt that they were not comparable and he was not only clumsy but irresponsible as well. Miki denied and said that he's not irresponsible and he has shown that in his track practice. Yamato added that there has been many arguments between them and Suzuka might have grown tired of it. Miki asked Yamato to visit Suzuka tomorrow and she would accompany him. Yamato refused and said it could bother her. Yamato tripped and fell down. Miki remarked that he was indeed clumsy and asked if he's hurt. She then noticed Yamato crying. She understood Yamato's pain. Miki again suggested sending Suzuka off. Yamato refused.

My heart ache to see Yamato crying............

P/S: There's 50-50 chance of Yamato going to send Suzuka off or not. The last line from Yamato is rather hard to translate since it a casual speech, "ikane-yo". "Iku" means "go" and "ikanai" is the complement, "yo" is an emphasis. I think it should be "How could I" or "dont want". Kouji Seo has done a good job in capturing our interest in Suzuka, though it's sad to read.



At 11:43 PM, Anonymous ryohei said...

damn.. so sad.. what now? after each chapter i'm in suspense, but i would have thought that yamato would do more than just let her go. Ohwell 114 cant wait

At 1:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does it mean when you say yamato sends her off? Other than that it was a very depressing chapter, but probably the next few chapters will be more sadder. Can't wait for Suzuka's reason for the break-up and yeah... Yamato's tears make me cry IRL. Poor guy.

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous ryohei said...

Send her off, means when he goes to the air port to see her off, say farewell, and all that stuff


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