Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Suzuka 112 Silence

凉风 #112 沈黙 ちんもく

It's 8.10pm, there's silence in the room with Suzuka deep in thoughts. At 8.24pm, Yamato initiated the conversation and said he had fun at the amusement park. Suzuka looked at the hole between their rooms. She said that he broke it the day he moved in and she was shocked. Yamato replied that Ayano-san asked him to pay for it. Suzuka also told Yamato that she was shocked when he confessed to her. She continued that Yamato joined the track team suddenly, they were left behind at Hiroshima and they had the opportunity to watch the fireflies. She added that being with him was always full of surprises. Yamato told her that he would show her more places next time. Suzuka asked him to handle her mails if there's any. She said that there's always problems whenever they dated. Nevertheless, the Christmas and the New Year visit to the temple have been happy for her. Yamato remarked that they could still go and he's even willing to got to Kanagawa temple. Suzukas asked him to call her by Suzuka and Yamato asked her to call him that way too. He continued saying that he would be able to buy the computer in September and until then they could communicate through mails. He added that it would only be a year and he would bring her to the amusement park again when she came back.

Suzuka suddenly initiated a break-up. Yamato was stunned. She waited for a reply. Yamato looked at her eyes, sadness in her eyes but a smile on her face. He struggled with his composure and replied is that so.

Actual Japanese Conversation:
Suzuka: Nee..wakareyokka....
Suzuka: Nee...?
Yamato: ......
Yamato: sok...ka....

My understanding is that Yamato has not agreed yet. "Sokka" here would most probably mean "is that so" in this sense. It could also mean "I see/I understand" in this sense. Some translated it as "I guess so", which has an acknowledgement meaning, but I respect their understanding on the translation.

Devastating, right?? I think that Suzuka must has reasons behind her decision. How Yamato respond in next chapter would be crucial. I hope Yamato will be able to salvage the relationship but doubtful since Suzuka's pretty stubborn.

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At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Break up eh?

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

She initiate it but we need to wait for chapter 113 for development.

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Geta said...

Well, Yamato has been penting up a lot of his feelings towards their relationship, so he's proabably about ready to either explode, or have a complete emo moment.


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