Thursday, July 13, 2006

DB GT Boxset order

Last time, my gf played a "person guessing game" in our fellowship group. My sister did the description and my gf was asked to guess. The moment my sis saw the question, she hinted "Dragon Ball" and my gf guess it was me immediately. :P

My favourite is the DBZ manga and the 13 movies. The DBZ animation wasnt really for me when compared to the manga. Dragon Ball GT quality wasnt that great but considering there's no manga, I would have to settle for the animation. A nice collection to finish my Dragon Ball collection.

I have been longing for Dragon Ball GT DVD collection for years but it was painful to collect them DVD by DVD. Each cost around AUD$24 here in Australia. There's 15 DVDs excluding the lost episodes, so totaling about AUD$360.

Recently, I saw some irresistable offers from local Australia distributor JB Hi Fi. The boxset of 5 DVD usually cost around AUD$65-$70 now offered at AUD$40. I have ordered the whole collection of 3 boxsets, DVD 1-15 for a total of AUD$127.44 including freight of $7.50. There's no special offer for the lost episode boxset so I'll settle for it next time. There's also the movie boxset but I'm more interested in movie 12 and 13. Hope they will arrive next week.

Link: Boxset 1, Boxset 2 and Boxset 3

P/S: Offers end 14th August 2006.



At 11:20 PM, Blogger R8 said...

Hmm...u really like GT? I found it horrid mostly due the little to no Toriyama involvement. The consistency of the story (namely the power levels of characters) was awful. The animation and art were just ugly and never matched up to Z's or the original A-team animation. I guess the deal's pretty good but yeah, i'm one of those who don't consider GT part of DB cuz there was no manga ^^.

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Yo R8, :)
Yeah, I think Toriyama didnt involve in GT production at all. And also Toriyama said he would never do a manga version of GT.

However, I still consider GT part of Dragon Ball, since it's a sequel. Even the DBZ animation is a "failure" to me, arts were poor. Only the manga is the best and the 13 movies are worthwhile.

Consider me a Dragon Ball maniac. :P 10 years back I was so crazy with Dragon Ball and collects hundreds of the prism and trading cards.

At 5:40 AM, Blogger R8 said...

yeah, i'm a DB/DBZ nut too. hence why i don't consider GT part of it since it's not Toriyama's creation. Though he did work on GT a bit (by drawing the ED scenes for ED1), as he was sorta asked too. However at the time (1995 after v.42), he hated drawing anything DB related as he was so sick of it and there would obviously be no manga despite the popularity as he wanted to end DB at vol.27/28. DBZ art varied because it's a big series, for every 3-4 episodes there would be 1 episode that is animated quite well and the art was usually pretty decent w/ Toriyama's style. There's about 3-4 main teams that worked on the animation as one would be able to tell by the art style w/ the varied episodes. This was the same for DB, though the A-team on DB were less frequent as they either animate half an episode or sometimes the entire episode. DBGT didn't have a single episode w/ great animation nor any fights that were worth mentioning about (IMO). GT's fight mostly consisted of energy blasts instead of hand to hand which i dug about DB/DBZ. Story was SO incoherent. Anyways, sorry about my negativity and rant :P.

As for the movies, i luv'em too, my faves would have to be 7-9 (cuz of my fave Mirai Trunks, though he was so underused in 8 & 9) and 12 & 13.

At 9:30 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

No worries. Yah, Mirai Trunks is another favourite of mine. :)


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