Friday, July 21, 2006

Anime & Manga Updates

It's been a while since I have posts like this.

Anime [Now watching]:
Ah My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa
Aria The Natural
Air Gear
Muteki Kanban Musume
Tsubasa Chronicle
Zero no Tsukaima

My favourites now are AMG sorezore no Tsubasa, Aria The Natural and Tsubasa Chronicle. AMG showed slight degradation in quality in episode 15, I just hope that the Hild arc and Keiichi parents arc would be done accordingly. Aria The Natural has the most consistent quality in backgrounds and settings since the first season. I enjoyed every bit of Aria as there many asides that's no in the manga. Tsubasa Chronicle, I hope they'll get to the release of true Syaron soon. The filler episodes are entertaining to watch, disregard lots people arguing they're waste of time. People need to learn to appreciate the animation rather than wishing the animation going the direction they want.

Zegapain is getting better and better, Ryoko and Kyo are together again but it's conditional. Zero Tsukaima and Muteki Kanban Musume are funny and entertaining, but Zero's better than Muteki. I wish Muteki has more food-related episodes but the manga wasnt really about food. Binboushimai... watch it just for fun. Air Gear...disappointment starts... watch it just for fan-service, quality's up and down.

Manga [Now reading]
Cross Game
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Air Gear
Aria Navigation
Prince of Tennis

Suzuka left and now what would Yamato do? So who'll be the focus now? Miki, Yui or Honoka? Cross Game should be interesting for now, with Aoba started to have different impression on Koh. She went to see Koh but arrived at the wrong destination and Koh went to find her. Tsubasa, things get heated! The true Syaoran appeared and confronted the Syaoran we knew. Kurogane noticed the emblem on true Syaoran, Fay in coma, Sakura trapped, the evil Syaoran has Fay's magic and both Syaoron battled. Air Gear has been a crap with the Genesis arc until the challenge of Sleeping Forest Ringo. Prince of Tennis... start to lose interest with the occurrence of techniques but enhanced.


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