Tuesday, July 25, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 16

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 16:

Continued from last episode, Belldandy ran to the backyard feeling shattered and Urd tried to seal her. Skuld made it in time and prevent it. Both the good and evil Urd confronted each other while the others were stunned. Belldandy realized that they cannot kill each other but she was unable to tell Urd because it's confidential. The evil Urd tried to fool them but Skuld made a mark on the good Urd. After a battle among the Urds, the evil Urd escaped because she couldnt handle the power with the clone body. Mara later appeared and requested them to help Urd as she didnt want Urd to die either. Skuld asked Mara for the separation algorithm so that she could reverse the algorithm.

The desperate evil Urd was seeking the good Urd but the good Urd approached her. They battled each other and the good Urd was hit. She fell from the sky but Belldandy caught her with her magic. Skuld told them about her plan. After some delibrate traps, they fooled the evil Urd and caught her. With Skuld device, Urds merged and return to her old self. Not quite..Urd have double personality.. since there was something wrong with the algorithm that Mara gave them.

P/S:One thing I like is to see how supportive both Belldandy and Skuld are to Urd. The reunion bit is touching. Hild appearance next week!!!

ARIA The Natural
Episode 16:
「その ゴンドラとの別れは・・・」

Akari and Alicia went to a gondola shop for their gondola inspection. A gondola rewuired a workmanship of 3 months and would last about 20 years. Akari was told that her gondola has reached its lifespan and she shouldnt use it anymore. Akari couldnt bear to separate from it since she was emotionally attached to it. Alicia suggested Akari to travel with the gondola to places she had been to and take photos. That night Akari reminisced the first time she handled the gondola as a double.

The next day, Akari took off with Aria sachou. She invited Akatsuki for a last ride with the gondola because he was her first customer. We learnt that Akari fastest move was actually rowing backwards??. She took a photo with Akatsuki and the gondola. Aika and Alice came to see Akari. They went to their hideouts took photos together. Akari went to see the postman, woody and many places. Last, she went to her undine exam venue. She reached a chamber and was transport to high ground, full of wind turbines. She reminisced that she was promoted to a single, an official undine there. While transporting back/down, Akari dozed off. Suddenly, light shone and an old guy appeared in the gondola. He requested Akari to bring him around. Later, she awaken and thought it was a dream. She reached home, Alicia was waiting for her, Akari thanked her for the day. The gondola would be taken away the next day.

P/S:New ED theme this week. Next episode will focus on Alicia and finish to the old gondola arc. In addition, we'll get to see Alicia when she's still a double. But the animation for episode 17 is very disappointing...

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