Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Suzuka 118 Refinement

凉风 #118 洗錬 せんれん

Honoka greeted Yamato and asked why he was there. Yamato replied that he was accompanying Yasonobu. He asked her back and she answered that she had just finished a photo shoot. Yamato commented that the road to fame was tough and that she had to work till late. Honoka said that it was only some shots for a small magazine The crew member called for Honoka to discuss something with her. Honoka bid farewell and left.

The next day, Yamato went for his track practice. They had a 5 minutes break but Kinugasa sempai ordered him to run 3 more laps. Yamato protested and his sempai reprimanded that he needed to work hard since he wasnt even in the top 16 for the IH. Yamato explained that he had personal worries, Kinugasa let him off and commanded him to run. As Yamato ran, he complained that he had donated 10 thousand yen and he should at least be blessed with a good day.

After the practice, by his locker, Honoka passed a bottle of water to Yamato. They walked home together. Yamato asked her why she went to school. She replied that she wanted to talk to him after meeting him the last time. They haven't been seeing each other since the second year started. Yamato asked about her work but Honoka said it was her day off. Yamato asked if there are fans chasing after her. Honoka denied and said that she was mostly with the crew member.

Honoka said that she heard Suzuka had further her study overseas. She praised Suzuka and added that Yamato also practised hard and she need to work hard as well. Yamato said he wasnt working hard. He failed in IH and broke up with Suzuka. Honoka was surprised and asked him for the reason. Yamato replied there were many. Honoka asked if it was the long-distance factor but Yamato denied. Yamato explained that although he had always thought of Suzuka first but in reality he always neglected her feelings. He continued that there had been quite a lot of problems arising and he even forgot her birthday. Honoka asked if that the reason they broke up. Yamato asnwered that he wasnt sure if they broke up or he was dumped. Honoka then commented that he hasnt changed. He was always making the same mistake with his attitude. She added that she was annoyed with his attitude when they were dating. Yamato was stunned but Honoka told him that she was kidding. Honoka laughed and bumped onto a lamp post. Yamato looked at Honoka and realized that she had changed and spoke freely now.

Suddenly, Honoka handphone rang and she realized that she had an audition. She apologized to Yamato and commented that he was more resolute before she left. Yamato realized that his wish had been realized. (He had a good day).

P/S: Mostly conversation between Yamato and Suzuka but I think what Yamato said was important for the reader to know. As Honoka takes the centre stage, I wonder how long we need to wait to see other characters. The last time we see Honoka was chapter 76, so she had been missing for 41 chapters.. Geee...that's about 4 volumes! So do we have to wait for another 40+ chapters to see Suzuka... or even Yui????



At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

omh ...thank you..thank you so0o0o0 much for the summary man i knew that they would just talk about suzuka and yamato relationship and other junk...yeah i hope suzuka or yui come back hope it isnt that long 0f a cant wait for the next chapter to come out....and again thx for the summary...=D

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its nice that honoka had improve her personality!
im still waiting what would happen next.

so often does the suzuka chap release?

-sorry for my bad english!!!

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Do you mean "how often is the suzuka chapter relsease"???

Suzuka is serialized in weekly Shounen Magazine. So once a week unless it's a double week release.


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