Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aria Natural Episode 20

ARIA The Natural
Episode 20:
「その 影のない招くものは…」

An episode adapted from Navigation 38 in volume 8.

Aria sachou was sick and stayed at home so Akari went to her usual practice with Alice and Aika. She noticed a woman in black mourning gown sitting by the river while waiting. Aika came and they waited on the gondola. It was a hot day and Alice was late. Aika told a scary story and said that it will cool them down. Aika said that the executed woman in her story would ask the undine to bring her to her destination. Aika added that one cannot take her because the undine would disappear.

After practice, it was evening and Akari went to buy Aria sachou's favourite food. It was late and Akari was on the home. She passed by the same place and saw the woman in black. The woman called her and went on her gondola. Akari told her that she still a single-rank undine and cannot take a customer on her own. However, she decided to help her by treating her as a friend later. They reached the destination and the woman thanked her. Akari was going to leave but the woman grasp her hand. She then pulled Akari away and kept running until they reached a cemetery. She said that she liked Akari and would like to be with her. Akari looked at her face and realized that her face disappeared. Akari was stunned. Suddenly, Cait Sith appeared from behind. The headless woman ran away.

Akari thanked Cait Sith for saving her life and Cait Sith touched her face with its big palm. The tender and soft hand caused the exhausted Akari to fell asleep in its embrace. When Akari woke up, she found herself back home. Aria sachou was so happy that she's back. Alicia had gone to search for her and was glad when she saw Akari back home. Akari told Alicia what had happened and also to Alice and Aika the next day.

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