Monday, September 04, 2006


Received my ARIA manga order. Didnt notice the post office address and went to the usual post office nearest to my house. They sent to order to the post office that's 10 minutes drive, rather than 3 mins drive one. Talk about common sense!

I purchased ARIA manga volume 1-8 and AQUA 1 & 2, all CH edition. But I didnt get them at Yesasia. Yesasia would have cost US$80 for them. Besides, they dont have stock for ARIA 7 and AQUA 1. I have a search online and purchased them through ebay. The only concern was that I have to use EMS, which cost me $US30. An extra 5% paypal was also pass on to me. But the seller has been very responsive and helpful. They are of Taiwan version but I'm fine with them since I can read both simplified and traditional CH. I'm glad I purchased them.The scans for the cover art can be found at animepaper so I wont scan them.

Also Kozue Amano third artbook, Cielo was released on 30th August. HLJ advertised it for 2981 Yen or US$25.50. But the shipping will be expensive due to the weight of the book.

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