Thursday, September 07, 2006

ARIA Natural Vocal

ARIA The Natural vocal collection is released today, 6th Sept. I have pre-ordered it from Yesasia, hope they are quick in acquiring the CD. Yesasia seems to be fast in shipping but slow in acquiring goods nowadays. I have the chance of listening to it from Nipponsei. Much to my surprise that the seiyuu for Atena, 河井英里 (Kawai Eri) was the vocal for many songs that I liked. In addition, she wrote 4 of the lyrics.

The album comprises 13 tracks; 4 tracks by 河井英里, 4 tracks by 牧野由依(Makino Yui), 2 tracks by ROUND TABLE feature NINO, a track by 斎藤千和 (Saito Chiwa~Aika seiyuu), a track by 葉月絵理乃 (Hazuki Erino~Akari seiyuu) and the last track featuring the seiyuus for Aria sachou, Akari, Aika and Alice.

I like the last song "Dekkai Shiawase Desu", especially the "dekkai, dekkai, dekkai, dekkai, dekkai, dekkai, dekkai, dekkai" by the trio followed by "puinyu~" from Aria sachou. The main vocal for the song is Hirohashi Ryou, Alice seiyuu. The other thing I really love about this album is, lyrics for all tracks are provided.

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