Thursday, September 07, 2006

Suzuka 120 Decision

凉风 #120 決断 けつだん

Yamato overheard the girls from track team praising Suzuka for her new high jump record in US. He went to the high jump training area and looked at the pole. He reminisced the time he helped Suzuka broke her record without prior knowledge. Yamato remarked that Suzuka had progressed 6cm in one and a half year time while he only improved his time by 0.35s (from 10.98s to 10.63s). He then asked himself what has he gained from his daily track practice up to now.

Kobayakawa confronted Yamato and sarcastically remarked that he was thinking of the girl who dumped him. He told Yamato that even though all the track team members recognize him as the captain, he wont. He added that he should be the captain considering every other aspects. Yamato was surprised with his remark that the others recognized him as the next captain. Kobayakawa pointed at Yamato face and said that he wont lose to him. Mr.Sasaoka approached Yamato and Kobayakawa left. Mr. Sasaoka asked Yamato if he had heard about Suzuka's new record.He also asked if Yamato had any message for her. Yamato asked Mr Sasaoka about his purpose making a trip to the school. Mr. Sasaoka replied that he came to see Yamato. He said that he was surprised to the results for the IH. Yamato sadi that he had indeed failed miserably in the competition. However, Mr Sasaoka mentioned that his personal best record was impressive and apologized for the way he treated Yamato before. He then passed a bag to Yamato. Yamato saw a pair of track shoes in it. Mr Sasaoka said that it was a bit of a sudden but the pair of shoes was the prototype for a new product. He added that he would continue to customize a pair for him in the future. Yamato answered that the pair he received was sufficient for him. Yamato then asked Mr.Sasaoka to deliver a message to Suzuka.

On the other hand, Honoka had an outdoor photo session and she was nervous. She received an encouraging SMS from Yamato (She used Vodafone) and got happy. Back on the track field, Kinugasa asked Yamato to deliver his first message as the new team captain. From his thoughts, we learnt about Yamato's message to Suzuka. He said that all the opportunities that he had been given up to now started because of Suzuka. He wanted to Suzuka to hear something that he really want to express, "Thank you". With confidence, Yamato said to the team "Starting today, I'm the team captain, Akitsuki Yamato. Pleased to meet you." (kyou kara captain no Akitsuki Yamato desu!! yoroshiku onegaishimasu)

P/S: yoroshiku onegaishimasu can be literally translated as "Please be kind to me". It implies respect and politeness to the listener or showing your determination. In casual conversation, it usually mean "Nice to meet you" for introduction purpose. In tis chapter context, it would mean something like "Pleased to be your captain".

NO chapter next week.....

Cover art for Suzuka V13 has been revealed~Ayano san & Miho.



At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is zuzuka reaction when she hear yamato " thanl you"...take the next flight back dont think that would happen..thx for the summary and pix ..

At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings from Mexico

Thanks for your resumes. I´ll be waiting for the next one. I like the series but in Mexico we have a only store to buy manga and they take a lot of time to print recent series.

And aganin Thannnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkssss , Graaaaaaciias, Domo arigato ogosaimashita


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