Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aria Natural Episode 22

ARIA The Natural
Episode 22:
「その 不思議の国のアリア…」「その 懐かしい想い出は…」

Two separate story adapted from Special Navigation vol 6 & 7.

Part A
Akari chat with Aria sachou and asked it what would happen if she was not an undine. She also mentioned parallel world to Aria sachou and Aria sachou imagined itself in different worlds where it was the hero. Akari joked that the staircase might be the entrance to parallel worlds and Aria sachou believed her. She went for her practice and Aria sachou squeezed itself into the stair steps. It later bumped into the wall.

Akari came by but Aria sachou noticed that Akari had become a boy! She carried Aria sachou to the town and met up with Alice. Alice and Aika became boys while Al and Akatsuki ebcame girls. They had tea together but Aria sachou couldnt stand the world and ran away. Aria sachou got back Aria company and tried to squeeze back through the stairs. Alicia approached it and Aria sachou saw Alicia, Akira and Atena as boys. Alicia picked up Aria sachou and lifted it up in the sky because Aria sachou like it. Woody came by and brought Aria sachou up in the air and threw it up. "She" missed Aria sachou and it fell flat on the balcony. Alcia asked if it was ok and Aria sachou gradually heard the female voice of Alicia. It opened its eyes and realized it's back in its world. Aria sachou quickly hugged onto Alicia.

Part B
Akatsuki brother enjoyed Alicia's service and complimented her. He then asked if they want to listen to Akatsuki childhood story. (The young Akatsuki brother looked like the character for Roman club manga). Akatsuki thought he was an android when he was small. When his brother and he got home, they realized that their mother was not at home. Akatsuki got worried and wondered if the alien had kidnapped her. His mother later came back and gave him an ice-cream. Akatsuki went into the kitchen and asked her mother if she was real. He asked his mother about himself and she replied Akatsuki was an android. Akatsuki brother wanted to teased him and laughed with evil intention. Akatsuki got afraid and ran away.

Akatsuki ran to Woody's house but was terrified by his chocolated ice-cream smudged face. He went and hide in an alley. His mother found him and brought his cape. She put it on him and comforted him. Back in present time, Akatsuki brother taught Aria sachou his brother's special pose. Later in the afternoon, Akatsuki encountered Akari and Alicia who were in their gondola. He saw Aria sachou with his childhood pose and was shocked. Akari told him that his brother had told them his childhood and taught Aria sachou the pose. Akatsuki was stunned.

P/S:I'm not a fan of akatsuki but it was better than the first half. First half was annoying as I watched it. Next episode, looks like an episode with original storyline.

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