Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Suzuka 121 Return

凉风 #121 帰国 きこく

Main Note: Time Jump!!!

Yamato was woke up by a nagging girl. The girl came through the hole linking Suzuka and Yamat's room. It was Miho and she had a new hairstyle. Yamato said that he had retired and he should have a good sleep since it was the summer break. Miho said that it was his retirement day from the track team. Yamato said it was a small matter but Miho said that she would drag him there since she was the team manager.

During the breakfast, Yamato asked why Miho was living next door to him. Miho said that she wanted to live by herself and the room was empty anyway. Yamato asked Ayano-san to seal the hole but she replied she didnt have any spare money. Ayano san then remarked that Yamato had got the third place in the IH. Yamato munched and said that he thought he would win but there were many strong newcomers after Arima had left. Ayano san said that it didnt matter since Yamato had got university recommendation. Miho burst out in excitement after seeing Honoka featured in a new product advertisement. She had also made it on the front cover previously. Miho then asked whether Yamato and Honoka's having a relationship. Yamato denied and said that they only encouraged each others. Miho asked if he was afraid of being rejected and didnt want to confess. Yamato denied. Miho commented that she would marry him if nobody wanted him. Someone knocked on the door and it was Tsuyoshi Kusakabe. Yamato thanked Tsuyoshi for coming at the right time. Miho complained that she wanted to walk with Yamato alone. Yamato told Tsuyoshi that Tsuyoshi had fellen for a troublesome girl.Yamato also commented that gentle girl that can cook are best. Tsuyoshi remarked Honoka and Yamato got angry. Yamato ordered Tsuyoshi to run 10 dash laps as detention. Yamato looked at both Miho and Tsuyoshi, remarking whether it was ok to leave the track team to them.

Yamato delivered his farewell speech to the track team. He commented that they had more people with better achievement this year staying in the team. Kobayakawa joked and asked him to conclude the speech. Yamato told the fourth place (Kobayakawa 4th place in IH) that he was annoying. Miyamoto and Kinugasa watched Yamato behind the fence. Yamato thanked the track team for being with him and the team cheered for him. Later, Miki complimented that Yamato had been a good captain. Kobayakawa remarked that Yamato was popular with newcomers. Miki then sadi that they had to think about their future plans. Yamato and Kobayakawa had been scouted. Yasonobu came and asked Yamato to the beach and flirt. Miki wanted to join them. Yamato asked Kobayakawa to join them but he declined. Yasonobu then asked Yamato to invite Honoka and asked her to bring her modeling friends. Miki agreed saying that it would be merrier and Kobayakawa insisted that they invite Honoka. Yamato called Honoka and she went to asked her manager. Honoka said she could take a day off. Everyone cheered, Yasonobu shouted asking Honoka to bring her friends, and Kobayakawa changed his mind deciding to go as well. Last page showed Suzuka arrived at the airport.

P/S: The time skip is a bit ridiculous since I was expecting to read about Yamato's achievement in track and Suzuka's life overseas. Nevertheless, Suzuka's back, the story will be interesting. Probably, Suzuka would appear in their beach outing. I think the manga is ending soon.



At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with u. Maybe this manga will end soon...

At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honoka colour poster on the left side botter corner. what is it saying about Suzuka 2007?

At 1:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personaly like the time skip. I don't hate Yamato as a character but he is too predictable. Atleast with Suzuka you have some mystery. Is she going to be mad today? Is she going to be a bitch? Will she make Yamato cry? Will she go back to America, or perhaps France or Peru? :p

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really hate that Yamato is not in love for Honoka, He is like Suzuka shoes less than a pet. If she likes he comes a gives the hand. This is the story about a winner (Suzuka) and one biiiiigggg loooooseeeer (Yamato)

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank for the resume I ´ll be waiting the next one. This guy is an idiot Honoka is most beautiful girl.


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