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ARIA Natural Episodes

ARIA The Natural
Episode 23: 「その 海と恋と想いと…」
ARIA company received an appointment from an elderly couple. During the tour, Akari observed the husband's stern behavious and were worried. Later they passed by a bridge and took a photo for them. Akari noticed the husband ears turned red when he's embarassed. The husband asked the wife to meet up with him at 5pm as she went shopping. Later Akari, Aika and Alice went for grocery shopping and heard an argument. It was the elderly husband. Akari was concerned but he asked her not to mind his business. They asked the shopkeeper and was told that the husband had requested for a specific gondola for weddings on the ocean. Later, they met the husband again, this time, with a quartet of musicians apologizing to him. Akari asked the husband and the husband told them that he had been busy the whole life and he wanted to fulfil his wife's wedding dream on that tour. Akari offered to help, telling him that she wanted other people to love Neo-Venezia as much as her.

Back a ARIA, the girls decorated the gondola. Mean while the wife noticed something in a glass shop. The husband got onto the gondola and realized it was time to meet his wife. Aika and Alice went to prepare the music for the event. The wife was happy to see the gondola. Alicia, Akira and Atena arrived and requested that their customer joined them for the special event. Alice and Aika arrived with the quartet musicians earlier. With everything ready, they all set off. Out on the sea, the husband reached his pocket for the ring but couldnt find it. The wife took out a ring and said that she had bought it earlier. Aika commented that their hearts had been thinking of each other even when they were separated. The husband and wife stood up, made a vow and tossed the ring up in the sky. Everyone clapped and congratulated the couple.

Episode 24: 「その 明日のウンディーネに… 」
It was raining and the usual practice session was cancelled but the three young undines agreed to study together. Akari received a call from Aika, reprimanding her for being slow. Akari and Alice went to Himeya dormitory to meet Aika. On the staircase, they met Akira and also saw a few undines whispering nearby. Aika told them that they were observing her with her gradual progress to become a Prima undine. They went to Aika's room and study. Aika mentioned that ARIA company held two records, Alicia for the youngest Prima and Grandma for the longest-serving Prima. After a while, Aika interrupted and started discussing their future Prima name(Pseudonym). They had fun teasing each other. Akira came in and asked them to help her with some paperworks. After finishing them, Aika brought them to Akira. On the way, she eavesdropped the conversation of previous undines. She went back her room and cried. She told Akari and Alice that they were not talking about her but speaking ill of Akira. Akira brought the dropped documents and cups of tea to Aika's room. She shared about her experience on how competitive it was to be a Prima undines and how people would criticise behind people. She later thanked Aika for her concern and smiled to encourage them. The rain had stopped. The 3 undines went to the street and raised their hands towards the sky. They all agreed to work hard to be Prima undines and laughed with joy.

Episode 25:> 「その 出逢いの結晶は… 」
The undines started wearing their winter uniforms in autumn. Akari was worried about Ai's sick grandmother and she had not received any emails from Ai. Aika asked if Ai would make it to the Rendentore festival. Alice asked Akari and Aika how they were going to spent the Rendentore. Akari spent it with Alicia last year and hope Ai would join them this time. Aika would participate in Himeya annual party. They asked Alice and she replied that she slept through it last year because of schooling.

Upon reaching ARIA company, they saw Alicia, Akira and Atena. The 3 Prima undines told Akari, Aika and Alice that they would have to host a party to celebrate the festival. Later Akari and Aika were thinking of the preparation. Alice returned from her school and showed her invitation card designs. With that, they all get into the mood and started to decide the guests. The 3 prima undines were definite. Akari wanted to invite Uncle Postman, Akatsuki and Woody while Aika and Alice wanted to invite Al and Grandma respectively. There one more spot left and Akari told them that she wanted to invite Ai, even if she might not make it. Over the next few days, the 3 of them went for grocery shopping, practised cooking and decorated the boat.

On the night of the Rendentore Festival, all the guest arrived except Ai. It was time to set off but Ai had not arrived. Akari sadly started rowing the boat. From a distance, Ai ran towards the wharf and shouted for Akari. Ai then boarded the boat and said that she wanted to give Akari a surprise (but nearly miss it!). The boat set off and the guests started to tastet the cuisine prepared by the young undines. Aika presented a speech thanking the guests while Aria sachou, Ai and Atena presented a dance. After the dinner, everyone rested. Aika gave a signal, they switched off the light and opened the curtains on the boat. At 12am, firework displays started. Grandma requested the 3 undines to watch the firework with them. As the admired the display, the guests gathered together and offered a toast to the 3 undines, thanking them for the wonderful experience.


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