Friday, October 20, 2006


Name: Orange Planet
President: Maa
Staffs: Athena Glory & Alice Carroll
Establishment: 2291
Employees: 81 members (20 Prima Undines)
Assets: 120 boats
Address: ネオ・フラーリ広場0111 (Plaza 0111)

Athena Glory (アテナ・グローリィ)
Prima Undine
Potrait: Heaven Glory 天上謳声
Height: 170cm
Age: 21
Bloodtype: AB
Birthday: 24th December
Atena is known as Heaven Glory of the 3 water fairies of Neo Venezia. She has exquisite talent in singing which made her famous. She is Alice mentor and care a lot for Alice even she is often quiet about it. Atena is very blur and always forget things. She came to know Alicia and Akira when they were still trainee undine and practised together back then. She tends to be quiet most of the time but happy to join in having fun.

Alice Carroll (アリス・キャロル)
Rank: Trainee Undine
Height: 145cm
Age: 14
Bloodtype: B
Birthday: 1st September
Alice is a year 8 high school girl scouted by Orange Planet as trainee undine. She had perculiar behaviour but very hard-working girl. She kept to herself most of the time until she met Akari and Aika. She shared a room with Atena. They later practise together and enjoyed each others companion. She admired Grandma Akino and always use the phrase " dekkai でっかい " which literally translates as "very".

Maa sachou 嘛 社長
Role: President
Maa sachou was found by Alice and it replaced the lost Orange Planet sachou. It has very small blue eyes and like to bite Aria sachou flabby stomach. It was named maa because of its constant phrase "maa~".



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