Friday, November 10, 2006

November Pre-roder

What's in for November??

If ARIA CH V9 is not released by the 14th Nov. , I'll go ahead with the intended order at Yesasia. The order would comprise Suzuka CH V12, Pastel CH V14, Cross Game CH V5 and FFXII PS US Regular edition (I know R8, ollin and zanza had theirs weeks already). Somehow, I wasnt that passionate on FFXII compared to previous installments, I didnt even consider the LE, which R8 has kindly told me. Maybe it was the medieval background setting. Hope my perspective would change after acquiring it, as Famitsu gave 40/40 score for FFXII.

On pre-order are ARIA calendar and Lacus Cylne Megahouse figure. I had both on EMS shipping to escape the December festive delay. Lacus figure will be released end of November. The ARIA desktop calendar is released today and my order at HLJ is now processed for shipping, Huhuu!!! .
Darn!! Just received my receipt and realized that my default HLJ shipping is SAL and the item was shipped as SAL. I remember I set it to EMS already.... must have set it to SAL when I tamper with Alicia pre-order. Hate it. Now it's going to take 3 weeks! :(

Yesasia is having its annual clearance. For those who missed out on Megahouse Meer Campbell and Lunamaria Hakwe Ver.2 last year, they are in stock at Yesasia for and eligible for free-shipping. I wanted to get the Meer figure but someone told me it looks fair only and also bit worry about the single-leg figure(possibly tilting). Anyway, interested? Check out Yesasia, even Tsubasa Chronicle OST III LE is on clearance list???



At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Adun said...

My friend has that Meer Campbell figure and yes, it bent due to the one leg. As awesome as it looks, I wouldn't buy it unless you have a cool room over summer.

My ARIA Desktop calendar won't be shipped till next week from HLJ, though the wall calendar I ordered through Amazon shipped last night, so hopefully I'll get that sometime next week.

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Hi adun,
Yeah, though I'm not entirely convince that temperature has an effect on figures but I dont deny the possibility. The one leg is a real issue since I wouldnt want a figure with a bent leg. :P

We should be at par with HLJ calendar. It's processed for shipping but I just realized it's weekend tomorrow, so it should be shipped next week as well. Cool, you ordered the wall calendar.

Let's see if Perth(me) or Sydney(you) gets the desktop calendar first. :)


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