Friday, May 12, 2006

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Figure

As promised, I have post the photos of the DVD and the figures. The figures are not part of the DVD. They are of different purchases. See previous post.

My Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Collection


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Belldandy Casual Wear PVC Figure

Belldandy newest PVC Figurine. I pre-ordered mine from HLJ but missed out on the early bird price. This is one of the best Belldandy figure I have seen. Although she's not in her megami dress., the facial expression surpass previous vintage and models.

This figure is available from Hobby Link Japan and Yesasia. HLJ cant estimate the shipping cost yet, but i suspect it'll still be cheaper than Yesasia (qualify for free shipping).

Ollin said that Kotobukiya 1/8 models tend to be smaller than other companies, so take that as a note.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 5

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 5:
Keiichi:It finally ends. Sorry that you have to accompany me in class.
Belldandy: Why do you apologize? I'm very happy. I can experience different things.
Keiichi: Is that so..
Belldandy: Keiichi , you looks happy too
Keiichi: Is that so?
Belldandy: yes
Both smile

Ootaki, Tamiya, Hasegawa, Keiichi and Belldandy were in a car. They were shouting and trying to raise funds for the next drag race. Belldandy helped them to find people in need. Some club's members were locked out of their room. Tamiya and Ootaki smashed the wall and put in a new door for them. Later they found a guy with motorbike problem and he rode away after repairing. Tamiya and Ootaki chased after him but lost him.

Ootaki came across Aoshima trying to force Yamano in riding his car. He asked her to abandon her scooter since it was faulty. Yamano had special feeling with the scooter since she used her first pay to buy it. Ootaki figured out the problem and helped her to change the spark plug. Ootaki used the spark plug that he used as ear ring. This spoiled Aoshima's plan. Yamano and Ootaki met face to face and was attracted to each other.

The next day, almost the same conversation as above took place. Ootaki appeared and said he was envy with Keiichi. In the club room, Ootaki was restless. Somebody knocked at the door and it was Yamano. She gave Ootaki a bento and ran away. Belldandy surrounded Ootaki with luck and he won free pass to the recreational playground. He invited Yamano and she agreed to go with him. Yamano liked cosplay and they ended up in cat and dog cosplay and took photos. The playground belonged to Aoshima group and he asked his staff to stop all the games. But one of the staff restarted the "cup-ride" for them. It was Tamiya in disguise.

The same conversation took place the next day and OOtaki said he was invited to Yamano's residence. They tried to choose a suitable clothing for Ootaki. Aoshima asked Sayoko to introduce Yamano's father to him and tried to convince him to disband the automobile club. Yamano's father was one of the university board director. Yamano forgot about her cooking and it over-burnt. Ootaki said they couldnt use water to extinguish the fire but Aoshima ignored and pour water onto the fire. The fire bursted and nearly burn Yamano. Ootaki shielded her while Belldandy extinguished the fire with her magic. Yamano's father was impressed and later they found something in common.

The next day started with the same conversation and then Ootaki appeared in Dinosaur cosplay. Yamano's father forced Ootaki to wear Gamera's costume and told Ootaki to call him father.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 5:
「その 雨の日の素敵は…」「その 春にみつけたものは…」
This week's Aria was separated into 2 episodes. The first was on Alicia and Akari. They went to an island full of Japanese Torii gate. Akari bougth 10 beancurd sushi. The old lady told her that they might meet fox spirits. However the old lady aslo warned her about them. Alicia and Akari went for a through the torri gates. It started to rain and they ran. Akari and Sachou got separated from Alicia. She eventually met the fox spirits and she was terrified. She was asked to hand the sushi to them. Then, the clouds diminished and the rain stopped. She found her way back adn told Alicia and the old lady about her encounter with the fox spirits.

The second part showed that Alicia took Akari to find a beautiful place to experience Spring. They went to an island and have a picnic. Later they continue their journey and came to a split on the railway tracks. Alicia couldnt remember which route to take and Akari threw a rod to ground. It pointed to right and they took the right route. After a long journey, they were going to return but Akari requested that they reached a tree. Upon reaching there, they saw a huge sakura tree and an old train. It was night and they both lie down on the seat and look at the night sky through a large hole on the train roof. Akari apologized to Alicia but she replied that they found somehting even better that what she wanted to show Akari. Sachou was eating some berries on the electric pole and it accidently trip the wires and activate the power to the train lights. It was a happy outing.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Received my FFVI AC Region 4 DVD just now. The DVD has a collector tin which is exclusive to Ezydvd. The cover for the DVD wasn't as spectacular as the Japan edition but the tin was nice. The collector edition has sold out.

My brother and I bought the figures of Cloud and Sephiroth on Saturday from Empire Toys in Perth. My bro's Sephiroth cost AUD$45 while my Cloud cost $42. It was Comic Day so we had 5% discount. Unfortunately, a small screw was missing from my Cloud's leg and caused it to be loose. I was replaced with a new one but it's at my gf house now. I'll put up the pictures in the next few days. Meanwhile I post the pictures from Empire Toys