Friday, September 15, 2006

Manga Bulk

Finally, I received the bulk of manga I bought from HKcomics before they closed down. I purchased about 30 CH manga, Katsu (1-3,8,9,13-16), Ichigo 100% (1-6,8-10,12-17) and Suzuka (1-5) for AUD$180 (~US$134) last November. I had them shipped to a friend in HK who shipped it to Msia (HKcomics shipping cost was real scary). Unfortunately, he sent them via sea-mail before I had chance to tell him to go for airmail. The parcels arrived after my parents previous visit. And since MAS reduced the luggage quota, it's hard to ask other people to bring the 5kg manga over.

My parents arrived last night for my cousin graduation. What a long wait and boy, am I happy to receive my long-anticipated manga!

My current manga collection (Nothing much to brag about):
ARIA: 1-8, Aqua 1-2
Suzuka: 1-11
Cross Game: 1-4
Pastel: 1-13
Meitantei Conan: 16-55
DBZ: 1-52 (Complete)
Ichigo 100%: 1-19 (Complete)
Katsu: 1-16 (Complete)
2 complete sets of Adachi Mitsuru manga and and several more not mentioned.

Had an expenditure review, spent AUD$500 on manga since Nov 2005. Crazy!!!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ARIA Excellence

After releasing the third artbook Cielo, ARIA has revealed its superb artworks again. From the official website. Kozue Amano and her team are sure kind (excellent works) and also cruel (money..) to the fans.

Release Date: 22nd December 2006
Price: 1980 Yen or ~US$16.8
Estimated HLJ cost: 2566Yen/US$22(based on 2006 vintage+SAL)
Estimated Amazon.JP cost: 3480Yen/US$30(based on 2006 vintage+SAL)
Note: The guide book to ARIA The Natural. It features information on Neo Venezia place of interest, detail setting of the characters, interview and others.

Release Date: 22nd December 2006
Price: 3000 Yen or ~US$25.6
Estimated HLJ cost: 5037Yen/US$43(based on 2006 vintage+SAL)
Estimated Amazon.JP cost: 4500Yen or US$38 (based on 2006 vintage+ECO)
Note: The premium poster book 1 has been a hit. The poster book features ten different A2 size illustrations, about 420 x 594 mm.

Release Date: 10th November 2006
Price: Wall (left): 2000Yen or ~US$17
Price: Desktop (Right): 1300 Yen or ~US$11
Estimated cost:
HLJ: (Desktop) 1238 Yen (Advertised Price )
Yesasia: (Wall) US$32.75 and (Desktop) US$18.75
Amazon.JP: (Wall) 3500 Yen or US$30 and (Desktop) US$24 (based on ECO)
Note: The wall version has only 8 pages while the desktop has 32 pages. However, it is noted that both calendar would not have the same artworks. The wall version will feature stylish illustrations while the desktop would feature cuter illustrations.

Legends: ECO=Amazon Economy Shipping, SAL=HLJ Surface Air Lift

The item that really captivates me (well, all of them do) is the ARIA PREMIUM POSTER BOOK 2. I would like to have it as my Christmas present ^o^. But the shipping will be expensive, around the same price as the book, so I might skip it. Plus, it seems bit pity if I dont mount them on the wall as I would be reluctant to spoil them. But I'm getting the desktop calendar from HLJ. By the way, I was the last guy to make it before the desktop order stop at HLJ. ^o^


AMG PS2 Game

R8 draw my attention to AMG PS2 Game 『ああっ女神さまっ』 女神たちと絆を深めよう. Check out the official website Marvelous Interactive, MMV-i. My impression of the game is kinda lame. The website shows that the graphical design is adapted from the TV series. As what Kotetsu had commented, it really didnt look like Fujishima's artwork... and what a bad art job they did!

The purpose of the game is to collect back the goddess memory and return the goddess power. Sound a bit like Tsubasa Chronicle.... The game will feature conversation with full voice for the event part. Schedule released will be winter (end of 2006 or early 2007), price undecided.

More information:
Official Website , Famitsu, Dengekionline , ITmedia


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aria Natural Episode 22

ARIA The Natural
Episode 22:
「その 不思議の国のアリア…」「その 懐かしい想い出は…」

Two separate story adapted from Special Navigation vol 6 & 7.

Part A
Akari chat with Aria sachou and asked it what would happen if she was not an undine. She also mentioned parallel world to Aria sachou and Aria sachou imagined itself in different worlds where it was the hero. Akari joked that the staircase might be the entrance to parallel worlds and Aria sachou believed her. She went for her practice and Aria sachou squeezed itself into the stair steps. It later bumped into the wall.

Akari came by but Aria sachou noticed that Akari had become a boy! She carried Aria sachou to the town and met up with Alice. Alice and Aika became boys while Al and Akatsuki ebcame girls. They had tea together but Aria sachou couldnt stand the world and ran away. Aria sachou got back Aria company and tried to squeeze back through the stairs. Alicia approached it and Aria sachou saw Alicia, Akira and Atena as boys. Alicia picked up Aria sachou and lifted it up in the sky because Aria sachou like it. Woody came by and brought Aria sachou up in the air and threw it up. "She" missed Aria sachou and it fell flat on the balcony. Alcia asked if it was ok and Aria sachou gradually heard the female voice of Alicia. It opened its eyes and realized it's back in its world. Aria sachou quickly hugged onto Alicia.

Part B
Akatsuki brother enjoyed Alicia's service and complimented her. He then asked if they want to listen to Akatsuki childhood story. (The young Akatsuki brother looked like the character for Roman club manga). Akatsuki thought he was an android when he was small. When his brother and he got home, they realized that their mother was not at home. Akatsuki got worried and wondered if the alien had kidnapped her. His mother later came back and gave him an ice-cream. Akatsuki went into the kitchen and asked her mother if she was real. He asked his mother about himself and she replied Akatsuki was an android. Akatsuki brother wanted to teased him and laughed with evil intention. Akatsuki got afraid and ran away.

Akatsuki ran to Woody's house but was terrified by his chocolated ice-cream smudged face. He went and hide in an alley. His mother found him and brought his cape. She put it on him and comforted him. Back in present time, Akatsuki brother taught Aria sachou his brother's special pose. Later in the afternoon, Akatsuki encountered Akari and Alicia who were in their gondola. He saw Aria sachou with his childhood pose and was shocked. Akari told him that his brother had told them his childhood and taught Aria sachou the pose. Akatsuki was stunned.

P/S:I'm not a fan of akatsuki but it was better than the first half. First half was annoying as I watched it. Next episode, looks like an episode with original storyline.

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AMG Tsubasa Episode 21

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 21:

Belldandy got her licence back and activated it. She casted a spell to water the flowers but it caused an explosion. Urd asked for the licence and found out that it was the demon licence. They realized that Mara had tampered with the process. The licence was switched and Belldandy was licensed as a demon. Skuld called the heaven but it required Urd and her to go back for the procedure. Urd reminded Keiichi not to let Belldandy used her power.

The monk came back and sensed that Belldandy was evil and threw them out. They had no luck in finding a place to spend the night. Many misfortunes befall on them. After a series of events, Belldandy couldnt control her composure and used her power. It caused Keiichi's motorbike engine to explode and Belldandy was depressed. Keiichi told her it was fine but then he collapsed due to a fever. Belldandy placed Keiichi under the bridge and Mara appeared. She told Belldandy that Keiichi would get better if she did bad things. Belldandy decided to heed the advice in order to save Keiichi. She ran across red lights, vandalized and made herself drunk.

The next morning, Keiichi got better and he confronted Mara. He then left searching for Belldandy. Belldandy felt guilty and reprimanded herself. Peorth approached Belldandy in a disguise and gave her a handphone. She asked Belldandy to call the person she wanted to call most. A public phone beside Keiichi rang and he picked it. Keiichi told her that his wish wont changed. No matter what, as long as they are together. He asked her not to escape. Keiichi then made the same wish and the wish was sent to heaven. This reverted Belldandy status back to goddess. Belldandy was overjoyed and hugged Peorth for helping her. Back at home, Belldandy and Keiichi resumed their lives . Urd and Skuld also thanked Peorth. Belldandy thanked Peorth again and Peorth bid farewell to them. Hild decided target on Keiichi. The next morning, Belldandy went to wake up Keiichi and found Hild beside him.

P/S: Next week, seem like Hild did something and caused Keiichi to be Hild's lover. I think there's a time shift since it looks like Keiichi was in high school and everyone was in school attire. Title was "Goddess's confession". I remember Belldandy had confessed to Keiichi before!