Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ARIA Origination 10

Episode 10: 第10話「その お月見の夜のときめきは…」

Adapted from Navigation 45 of Volume 9.

Autumn has started. Aika and Akari went to check out Alice's new day as a Prima undine. The guests in her gondola all looked at Alice and she got embarassed. She later brought a photographer around Neo-Venezia. He wanted to take photo on some kittens and Alice manoevuerved backwards so that he could take the shot.

Later, Alice brought 2 girls around and she got nervous while the two young undines watched from behind. As Aika and Akari were about to leave, Aika stepped on Aria sachou's tail and it screamed. They were found out by Alice. Akari slipped and said that they were watching her work. Akari and Aika complimented her but Alice said apart from those the rest were bad. Alice then asked for their opinions. Aika replied that Alice looked like a robot but Alice rebuked that it looked more like a zombie. Alice was bit depressed. Akari then suggested moon gazing that night since it's autumn and the moon would be beautiful.

At night, Alice commented it her first time at moon gazing. Aika asked Akari about the dango that she prepared. Akari replied that it looked like the moon's shape. Aika took a bit but Alice took 2 in one go. Akari and Aika then competed each other in eating the dangos. Aria sachou gave some more dangos to Himeya sachou but she ignored it. Aria sachou then trimmed its figure to a more muscular form. Himeya sachou, after some hesitation, ate the dango on Aria sachou's hand. Akari held the dango against the moon and later against Aria sachou's chubby stomach. But then Maa sachou went a bit the soft chubby stomach. They were enjoying the rice tea recommended by Mr. Postman. Aika commented that Al was late. Alice then schemingly asked why Al would come and wasnt it supposed to be just three of them. Aika was embarassed and replied that Al would teach them many things if it was about stars. Alice then teased Aika. Aika then left to picked up Al. Leaving them behind, Alice thanked Akari for entertaining her, saying that the moon gazing calmed her down. Alice then found Maa sachou disappeared.

Aika found Al on the way. Al remarked that he had overtime. On the way, Al commented they were able to experience the quiet night because of his lateness. Aika got excited and went to stand on top of a well. Al remarked that it's dangerous but she ignored it and fell into the well. Al tried to help her up but fell into the well as well. Al tried to climb up the well but it vain. They tried other methods but failed. Suddenly Mmaa sachou appeared and Aika asked it to call Alice over. Maa didnt understand and jump into the well. Aika threw her up but it jumped down again and again. Later Maa sachou was thrown up and went away.

Aika commented that it turned out a strange way to moon-gazing . Aika asked why the moon rotated around Neo-venezia. Al then explained the gravitational theory on the rotation. Aika didnt understand but she was shocked that Al placed his back against Aika's back. But Al spoilt the mood with further explaination and tasteless joke. Aika told him to stop. Al then made a comment that it was dark in the well. Aika remarked that gnome shouldnt be afraid of darkness . Al tried to explain but Aika teased and cuddled him. Al then saw the other moon that's 1.8 smaller in size. The moon light beamed into the well as Al explained on the smaller moon. Aika commented that the moons were near each other and realized that Al and her were also near to each other. Aika couldnt control her emotion and cried. Aika answered it was too near. Al explained that it's not long that the moon was affected by Neo Venezia but also the other way round. Aika approached Al with emotion but her stomach growl destroyed the mood. Suddenly, they heard Akari asking if they were fine.

Aika later asked when did they arrive at the well. Akari replied that it was when Aika scremed it's screwed. Alice asked what was it about. Aika lied about the gravitational force. Al went and took Aika's hand saying it's the gravitational force.

Next week: Navigation 57 + Special Navigation of Volume 12.

P/S: I'll write the summary tomorrow. Full-time work and spent the night with my gf. Only enough time for screenshots.

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