Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 9: Meguru, who was uncomfortable with her large asset, was harrassed by his senior Takei to join the swimming club.
Tsubasa 174: Syaoran made it to the dream world. Clone Syaoran entered dream world as he knew Syaoran has a feather on him. Syaoran used his magic to protect Sakura in spheric wind. Syaoran proclaimed that he'll personally defeat the clone. One of the best chapter in Tsubasa. Next chapter will be even more interesting ! BUT no chapter next week. Darn!
Tennis 367: We learnt that Ryoma suceeded in using a branch to hit a stone but an accident happened. Momo perfomed a dunk smash and Ryoma had a flashback asking Momo to perform the dunk smash again.
Cross Game 105: Wakaba provide a profile of Akane to Koh. The soba store is ready to go.
Air Gear 185: Boring!!!

Received my order from Bookcafe last week and had an enjoyable weekend reading all 20volumes of Tsubasa Chronicle. The action bases and Suzuka guide arrived as well. Now just need to wait for FF Mini Collection.

Kotobukiya Belldandy Goddess version has just been shipped. Should receive it next week eventhough EMS since weekend's approaching. ARIA Desktop calendar will be released end of this month but probably need to wait till early December.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Suzuka Guidebook 2

Back cover, Insert front cover, Insert back cover
Large picture available at animepaper.


P3: Colour illustration: V11 LE Cover
P4: Colour illustration: DVD8 & DVD9 Cover
P5: Colour illustration: Calendar 2007 May/June
P6: Colour illustration: Shounen V20/Chapter 147
P7: Colour illustration: Calendar 2007 Mar/Apr
P8: Colour illustration: Shounen V23/Special Chapter
P9: Colour illustration: Calendar 2007 Jan/Feb

P16-20: Yamato profile, Relationship chart, Girls Quiz

P29: Suzuka Asahina Profile, Attributes, Q&A
P43: Ayano Fujikawa Profile, Attributes, Q&A
P57: Miho Fujikawa Profile, Attributes, Q&A

P71: Suzuka-mon special chapter: The night before the wedding
P81: Yuka Saotome Profile, Attributes, Q&A
P95: Megumi Matsumoto Profile, Attributes, Q&A
P109: Honoka Sakurai Profile, Attributes, Q&A

P122-130: Colour illustrations of real-life scenery used in Suzuka
Roadway near suzuka house [V3 P180]; [V17 P151]; The garden where Mr. Asahina appeared [V17 P164]; [VP17 P142]; Yokohama bridge and landmarks [V10 P15, 6, 7 & 8]; Church wedding [V18 P165 & 179]
P131: Miki Hashiba Profile, Attributes, Q&A
P145: Yui Amami Profile, Attributes, Q&A
P159: Saki Asai Profile, Attributes, Q&A

P173: Male partners
P184: Other characters such as Nana, Fuuka, parents and family members
P188: List of Suzuka volumes and chapters

P193: Best and Worst of Suzuka
Popularity: Average Position=5.8; Best position=1 after week 6. Worst position=16 on the first week
Favourite Chapters: Chapter 72(Suzuka accepted Yamato), Chapter 75 (Pregnancy charm), Chapter 82 (Suzuka hugges for his size), Chapter 91 ( New Year shrine visit), Chapter 101 and Chapter 166 (Finale)
Worst Chapter: Chapter 157 (Fight with Arima)

P199: Special chapter with Suzuka characters in a fantasy story plot

P211: Message from the author Kouji Seo

P219: Colour illustration: V11 LE insert Cover
P220: Colour illustration: Calendar Sept/Oct
P221: Colour illustration: Shounen V42/Chapter 121 (Honoka)
P222: Colour illustration: Shounen V13 (Suzuka)
P223: Colour illustration: Calendar 2007 Cover & July/Aug, DVD9
P226: Colour illustration: Calendar 2007 Nov/Dec

P/S: The guidebook is available at Amazon JP. HLJ does not have it in stock because it was an item upon request from me and they only have minimal stock for it. Support Kouji Seo and Suzuka by purchasing the manga. CH available at Yesasia and JP available at Yesasia and Amazon JP. EN is available at Amazon.