Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Suzuka 151 Intention

凉风 Suzuka 151 口裏 くちうら

Suzuka and Yamato were in the room looking at travel guides. Yamato remarked that they have to hide the trip from their guardians. So they can't go to far places. Suzuka commented they should then find a place near for a stay-over. Yamato didn't understand and Suzuka suggested Hakone. She has been there and she can lead the tour. Yamato immediately agreed and wanted to choose the accomodation. Suzuka asked if he was fine with such impulsive decision. Yamato replied that they would have a successful trip since Suzuka had been there. Yamato further commented that it doesn't matter where since Suzuka will be together with him. Yamato then asked if an accomodation with onsen is fine. Suzuka called him idiot as the place was so expensive. After some time, Yamato complained that they couldn't decide on a place. Suzuka replied that they have to find a place that's cheap but offered substantial service. She then pointed to a accomodation, saying that it's quite cheap and the meals looked decent. Yamato was fine with it and Suzuka told him to make the reservation. Yamato was surprised but Suzuka told him that he should do the reservation. Yamato asked why he has to do it and told Suzuka to finish what she has started. Suzuka rejected saying that she didn't know how to do a reservation. She asked if he has never done it before when he was the captain of the track team. Yamato answered that he never done it since Miki was the one who handle it everytime. Suzuka pestered Yamato into doing it and he finally made a call to the accomodation. Yamato asked if there was any room for two around the 20th to 24th. He managed to get a reservation on the 22nd for a night. Thenm, both of them were silent for a while. Suzuka asked why Yamato was silent. Yamato said that he felt the realization after making the call, like there's no back out. Suzuka agreed. Yamato told her that it is important that the trip remained a secret.

The next day, Miki and Yasonobu were shocked to hear that Suzuka and Yamato's going to Hakone. Yamato and Suzuka told Miki to reduce her voice. Yasonobu remarked that they would be able to go even if they didnt inform him. Suzuka explained that her father is very strict and he would definitely forbid if he learnt that she's going on a trip with a boy. Yamato also told them that Ayano san rejected the motion as well. Yamato then requested Yasonobu and Miki to help them. Yamato told them his plan. He would be going out with Yasonobu and Suzuka would be out with Miki on that day. Yasonobu asked about the stay-over. Yamato suggested that Suzuka would return to Yokohama after that. Yasonobu asked if Yamato thinking of saying that he'd return to Hiroshima. Yamato replied that hehad thought of that but it'd be a problem if Ayano san called his home. Yamato suggested that Yasonobu would lie that they went skiing and stayed at Yasonobu's relative's chalet. Suzuka said that she felt sorry but they told Miki and Yasonobu that they really need their help. Suzuka asked Miki if it was fine. She told her that she felt a bit envy but she would definitely help them. She wanted Suzuka to pay for the cake as compensation. Yasonobu also agreed saying that it's hard to turn down Suzuka's plead. Yamato was delighted but Yasonobu told Yamato that he had to treat them BBQ with high quality beef.

On the way home. Suzuka remarked that she was happy that Miki and Yasonobu have agreed to help. Yamato commented that he's going to be broke because of them. Yamato then asked Suzuka if it was fine. He commented that he really wanted to go with her on a trip without the need to secretive. He added that Suzuka had to lie with him. Suzuka refereshed Yamato's saying on there's no turning back. She then told him that it was her who brought back all the brochures. She should be blamed instead. yamato told her that it wasn't the case, it was him who proposed the trip idea. Suzuka then teased that they were accomplice.

On the 22nd of December, Miki arrived at Ayano san residence. Ayano san called Suzuka, telling her that Miki has arrived. Suzuka apologized to Miki saying that it's not necessary for her to come. Miki told her that it'll be more convincing if she came. Both of them bid farewell to Yamato. Ayano san turned to Yamato and asked him to get ready for his skiing trip with Yasonobu. Yamato then called out loudly that he's leaving for skiing with Yasonobu.

P/S: Three weeks of waiting. Despite the long wait, I'm happy that it appeared. Hurray to Dream动漫.