Saturday, April 14, 2007

Suzuka 147 Temperature

凉风 #147 体温 たいおん

Yamato was shocked with Suzuka's comment and wondered what it meant. He told himself that he could be misundertood and told himself not to rush. Suzuka then asked for his decision, feeling embarassed. Yamato then realized that he didnt misunderstood. Yamato struggled with his thoughts on how to advance his move and what to say. Suzuka remarked that she's fine if he didnt want to do it. Yamato denied and said that he's not reluctant. He then asked what they should do. He regret saying that and Suzuka pondered on that quesiton as well. She then told Yamato to turn off the light first. Yamato turned the light off and approached Suzuka. Suddenly, Saotome shouted outside of Yamato's room, telling him that the hostess has come. Yamato crawled back to his room and replied that he had slept and turned her down. Saotome asked if he was doing somehting perverted. Yamato denied and told her to go back to her room and drink. She frustratingly told Yamato to be careful at night in the future. Yamato crawled back to Suzuka's room and apologized. They were both embarassed but Yamato decided to advance. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Suzuka's mother. Suzuka told her that she wont be able to go home next week and she's busy at the moment. She bid farewell and hung up. They looked at each other and Yamato smiled. Suzuka was surprised and Yamato explained that it turned a bit awkward. He continued that they were alway interrupted when they reached a climax. Suzuka smiled and agreed. She leaned beside Yamato and commented that that's why they match each other. They held hand, kissed and had their first experience together.

The next morning, Suzuka poked at Yamato's face and he awaken. Suzuka greeted him and Yamato was shocked to find her naked on the bed with him. She commented that he was as well. He asked her why she didnt wake him up. She replied that she wanted to see his sleeping face a bit more. Yamato then remarked they have done it and Suzuka replied yes. Yamato apologized and Suzuka asked her why. Before he could explained, Suzuka told him that she was very happy. Yamato was surprised. She told him that she was happy that Yamato was her first. Looking at each other, they kissed again, with Yamato telling himself that he wont have any regret even if he used up the lifetime happiness.

Miho suddenly called Yamato for breakfast. Yamato replied that he's coming from Suzuka's room. Miho then wondered why Yamato's voice came from Suzuka' room instead.
Yamato was panic and knocked his toe on something.

P/S: Gosh, they DID it!!! Really didnt expect wonder chapter 146 was titled prologue. At last there's a more confimation in their relationship. Now I wonder what plots Kouji have left.


26 Years Consumed

Today is my 26th birthday. I had celebrated it on Thursday with my girlfriend, siblings and close friends. We had dinner at Sushi Station Fuji Japanese Restaurant. There were 7 of us and we ordered these: 1 Yosenabe, 1 Sukiyaki, a main for each person, 4 cawan mushi, a set of sushi for two, a set of salmon sashimi, 1 Gyu Tataki and a green tea icre-cream totaling a receipt of AUD $250.

It was enjoyable though one steamboat would be enough, either Yosenabe or Sukiyaki. It was funny that we had two large steamboat, each person has a main, with several side dishes but we ended with 7 people sharing an ice-cream (because we 're too full).

The only anime-related gift is the MG Strike Freedom from my brother.

Friday, April 13, 2007

March Manga Arrival

My order with Yesasia for 4 CH manga, Cross Game 6, ARIA 9, Suzuka 14 and Pastel 15 arrived this morning. Order was sent 27th March and took 16 days. Though I have read all before I even order them. ^^


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Suzuka 146 Prologue

凉风 #146 序章 じょしょう

The next day at school, during lunch, Yamato had a talk with Yasonobu. Yamato told him that he was rejected. Yasonobu asked if Yamato initiate it bluntly. Yamato replied that they were watching a movie and he felt the atmosphere was right. Yasonobu asked why it would fail then. Yamato wondered too. Yamato replied that Suzuka didnt know what's the meaning of intimate relationship and was happy sastified with their current relationship. Yasonobu commented that Yamato gave up easily. He added that Suzuka's dislike might mean ok instead. He asked why Yamato lost his strong-will at that time. Yamato felt pointless with the conversation and left. After school, Yamato waited by the lockers. He thought to himself that he just wanted to draw their relationship closer. Suzuka then appeared and Yamato called her name. She shunned away feeling embarassed. Yamato tried to talk to her but she called her friends to wait and left.

At night, lying on his bed, Yamato looked at the maths workbook and the charm. He remembered Suzuka offering to help with his studies and her encouragement through the charm. He also remembered that Suzuka was so happy when they were able to attend the same university. Yamato then thought about the whole incident and his attitude. Suzuka was in her room watching the tv but she was alone in her thoughts. Suddenyl Yamato burst into her room through the hole on the wall. Suzuka was shocked. Yamato knelt down and apologized sincerely to her. He told her that he only thought of doing that before. He explained that it was because of Yasonobu remark that most couple who date that long would have done it. He continued that he read on the magazine saying that boy's first experience was around 17 years old and girls would be fine with it if they entered boy's room. He said that he didnt consider her feeling and acted so back then. Yamato apologized again calling himself the worst. Suzuka told him that she was not angry. She explained that she undertood since this would happen one day since they started dating. She continued that she would be sastified even if they didnt have that experience and she was happy to be with Yamato each day. She then told Yamato that she was very afraid. She didnt know how to respond to him and apologized. Yamato realized that he was stupid for not understanding her even when they dated for a long time. Yamato then told Suzuka that he was also sastified with their current relationship. Suzuka then asked if Yamato would be sastified with it. Yamato replied that it was enough. He told her that she was the most important to him and he wanted to cherish her more. Suzuka was touched and thanked him. As Yamato ended his conversation, Suzuka told him it was fine. Yamato was surprised and asked what. Suzuka replied that she would not mind if it was now.

Note: Direct translation for last sentence would be "If now, I wouldn't dislike it".

P/S: Suzuka was touched by Yamato considering her as his "most important". Anticipating next chapter... still doubt they will have a intimate experience. Something will interrupt them.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SR ARIA Cloth Change

Yujin is releasing new product on ARIA called SR ARIA Cloth Change version 1 in a bozset of 8 pieces. It's available for pre-order at HLJ for 2280 yen. The official site is Yujin SR but no preview is available yet. I dont think I'll get it since I'm pre-ordering the Toyworks boxset of 10 ARIA chibi figures.