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New Zealand Break

I'm leaving for New Zealand this Monday, 4th December, 7pm for a small conference and also a small holiday. I'll be back on the evening of 13th December. The accomodations that I have booked all have internet access, so it shouldn't possess any problem for updates, in particular Suzuka summary. Though not sure if I can download or have time to update, however I would try as necessary as possible. The only thing confirm is I can't post the picture of Megahouse Lacus Cylne figure which will arrive the next few days (EMS shipped).
4th Dec. Perth -> Auckland
5th-8th Dec. @ Auckland
9th-10th Dec. @ Queenstown
11th-12th Dec. @ Dunedin
13th Dec. Auckland -> Perth

Suzuka 131 Children

凉风 #131 子供 こども

Early morning, Yamato left his room, preparing to go for morning practice. Saotome called him from behind wall, asking him to go to her room as she wanted to show him something. Saotome was wearing her undergarments. Yamato was shocked, turned away and told her that he cant help her with things like that. Satome told her that she only wanted Yamato's opinion on her undergarments. Yamato asked her why and Satome replied just in case since she was going to se Sasaoka. (I think it was her lucky undergarments though wasnt stated explicitly). She continued that she had decided to confess to Sasaoka again. Yamato then asked what it had to do with the undergarments. She replied that they were both adult and if it turned out well, it wouldnt be strange if something happen between them. Yamato doubt her word but she reaffirmed it. She said that it has to be today.

Later, after track practice, Sasaoka approached Yamato and complimented that Yamato had work hard. He asked why Sasaoka was there since he should have appointment with Saotome. He answered that he had met her. Sasaoka told Yamato that he's there to greet Yamato and Suzuka. Suzuka went back to her home. Sasaoka then asked Yamato to convey Suzuka that he's leaving for America that night. That's why he's there to greet Yamato and Suzuka. Yamato asked if it would be a long trip. Sasaoka replied that it could be 5 to 6 years. Yamato then burst out, "How about Saotome?". Sasaoka replied there's nothing to it. Yamato got agitated and told Sasaoka that Saotome liked him. Sasaoka told Yamato not to be bothered. He added that their relationships were like siblings and she had long considered her as her brother. Sasaoka further remarked that Saotome joked that she would abadon university and follow him to America. He commented that she's still like a child even she's 22 years old. Yamato asked if that's a confession. Sasaoka replied that he didnt know how many time was that. He further commented that he always ask her not to kid anymore and she always replied fine. Sasaoka then asked Yamato not to worry and he had to leave.

At night Saotome knocked on Yamato door. She was drunk and asked Yamato to accompany her in drinking, celebrating her 15th rejection. Saotome was comforting herself. Yamato asked her if it was ok for her not to convery her true feelings. She looked at Yamato and asked him what she should do. She said that he always told her not to kid and she had told him not to call her Yuuka-chan. She continued saying he always treat her like a child. She grasped on Yamato shoulder and said, "Dont be overboard", with tears dripping down her cheeks. Yamato reminisced the moment when Saotome encouraged and advised him on the rooftop. He then grabbed her hand and asked her to leave. Saotome asked where to. Yamato replied, "To the the airport of courwse".

P/S: No chapter the next 2 weeks. Hope Saotome gets her love that she wanted so much, though I dont think Sasaoka would stay nor Saotome leave with him.

Suzuka volume 14 cover.


Friday, December 01, 2006

AMH Banners

Created some new banners for the blog on Wednesday. :P

My Banner gallery


ARIA Desktop Calendar

Shipped: 13/11/2006
Arrived: 01/12/2006

Received my ARIA desktop calendar this morning. I actually dreamt about it last night and had feelings that I would receive it today and it did, crazy. Adun, if you're reading this, dont laugh, I just got mine (Perth lost by 1 week!!!). :P

The 12.5*18cm booklet size calendar is a worthy collection for ARIA fans. It features ARIA characters in chibi and SD forms. The calendar is rare now, discontinued/out-of-stock at both AJ and HLJ. The only other person I know who have it is Adun from Moemoerabu. There are much more new artworks compared to the wall calendar, though wall calendar does feature more elegant and colourful illustrations.

Similar to July, but this is the artwork for whole year calendar
January, official page has samples of it in different colours
February. My favourite. Alicia Florence!!! Ara..ara..
March. Alicia with SD Akari
April. Akira with SD Aika
May. Atena with SD Alice
July. SD Characters in gondola
August. ARIA SD characters
September. Aika and Alice in chibi form. Kawaii!!
October. Wish this wasn't part of the calendar
November. Wish this also wasn't part of the calendar

The artworks for June and December are the cover and back cover.Also submitted high quality ones to

P/S: HLJ has shipped my Megahouse Lacus Cylne figure. Confirmed that it's EMS shipped. The EMS shipping cost me 2220 Yen (SAL only 1080 Yen), total of 62220 Yen. Ouch! !!
Status: 30/11 @ Gunmda Prefecture
Status: 01/12 @ Tokyo Metropolis

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

FFXII and Manga

My Yesasia order arrived this morning, beat HLJ shipping again. The order was shipped 15th Nov. and arrived on the 30th Nov. Order comprises Suzuka CH V12, Pastel CH V14, Cross Game CH V5 and FFXII PS US Regular edition. I think Ollin and Zanza would probably finish FFXII by now, and I'm just starting. :P

P/S: Suzuka CH V13 has just been released yesterday but still no news for ARIA CH 9.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Suzuka 130 Reason

凉风 #130 理由 りゆう

Ayano san organized a farewell party Saki. Satome and Megumi were also there. Yamato questioned why there's two person without any reason joined them. Saki said it's fine as the more the merrier. Ayano san went to get some soy sauce and reliazed that there's no soy sauce left. found out that there's little soy sauce left. Yamato offered to go and buy it since he wanted to buy something as well. Satome, Saki and Miho took the opportunity and requested Yamato to buy snacks for them. Yamato argued that he's not their delivery man. Suzuka asked if she can tag along as he wouldnt be able to carry all the purchases.

Suzuka and Yamato bought the stuffs, with Yamato carrying two large bags and Suzuka carried a small bag of items. On the way home, Suzuka asked if Yamato had decided on Touto. Yamato replied that he hasn't decided. He added that Arima's also at Touto and it annoyed him. However, the seniors there were friendly and the facilities were great. Suzuka then told him that he should choose Touto then. A little while later, Suzuka commented that she was surprised that Yamato was made captain and got third for IH since she thought he would certainly give up half-way. Yamato told Suzuka that he had thought of giving up many times because of the exhausting and meaningless training. He then added that he didnt give up maybe because of her. He wanted to chase her achievement and to be on the same par as her, thus he told himself to persevere. He continued to persevere for two years but Suzuka then went to America. Yamato asked for a break as the stuffs were heavy and he sat down for a rest. Suzuka mentioned that they went shopping together at night in the past. It was the day Suzuka first met Yasonobu. Yamato commented that back then Suzuka felt happy when he complimented her high-jump. Suzuka suddenly become silent and Yamato asked her why. Suzuka replied that she was happy and that's why she thought of studying abroad. Yamato was shocked and asked her if it was because of his compliment. Suzuka replied yes.

The next day, Yamato sent Saki off at the train station. After short conversation and patting on his head, Saki told Yamato to work hard for Seijou. She told him that Suzuka is the girl that he always has in his mind. Yamato felt sorry for breaking his Touto promise with Saki before but Saki asked her not to be bother with it. Inside the train, Saki whispered that Yamato would peserve to the end once he has set his target.

P/S: Good chapter for me as Kouji put in effort in repairing Suzuka and Yamato relationship.

Ollin have samples of Suzuka 2007 Calendar at, He's also a vivid fan of Suzuka manga.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First Anniversary

Anime & Manga Horizon's celebrating its First Anniversary!!!

Let the undines serve the drinks!

Anime & manga horizon celebrates its first anniversary today, 28th November. Thanks to all visitors and those who has commented in this blog. I really appreciate it. It has been an enjoyable journey blogging about anime and manga, in particular Suzuka, AMG and ARIA.

Started the blog after I came across ollin's page and decide to have one myself. I didnt come up with an interesting name, rather just append "anime & manga" to my usual "horizon". Initially started with anime and manga news and small collection of mine. Took up Suzuka manga blogging in February after realizing that Suzuka wasn't translated in English and decide to write it so more could know about Suzuka, started from chapter 96. Later also took up I"s pure, Ah My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa and ARIA The Natural anime blogging. It was demanding.

Suzuka, main passion & motivation of the blog

Since blogging, both my knowledge and desire in anime & manga have increased significantly, and yeah, my wallet decreased significantly too. I initially only purchase few anime OST, manga and scans. Now I have several collections of manga, anime OST CDS, anime DVDs, anime figures and Gundam models. Probably should blame people like Ollin for tempting me with all the figurine news. :P

Made acquaintance with real nice people online, although I never seen them before. People like ollin, R8, Zanza and Omni have been very friendly and responsive. Recently, got to know Adun. Also got to know some nice people in the animesuki Suzuka forum in particular Twilighthack and nite0. Furthermore, I appreciate the Suzuka fans who have commented in this blog, of which they are more rational and courteous compared to some in the forum.

Thanks for visiting and hope you like the blog.

A toast to all visitors and cheers to anime & manga fans.

Fisherman Horizon
The blog passed 50,000 pageloads mark but it's not a good indication. However, the accumulated unique visitors count is 34641.