Saturday, December 02, 2006

Suzuka 131 Children

凉风 #131 子供 こども

Early morning, Yamato left his room, preparing to go for morning practice. Saotome called him from behind wall, asking him to go to her room as she wanted to show him something. Saotome was wearing her undergarments. Yamato was shocked, turned away and told her that he cant help her with things like that. Satome told her that she only wanted Yamato's opinion on her undergarments. Yamato asked her why and Satome replied just in case since she was going to se Sasaoka. (I think it was her lucky undergarments though wasnt stated explicitly). She continued that she had decided to confess to Sasaoka again. Yamato then asked what it had to do with the undergarments. She replied that they were both adult and if it turned out well, it wouldnt be strange if something happen between them. Yamato doubt her word but she reaffirmed it. She said that it has to be today.

Later, after track practice, Sasaoka approached Yamato and complimented that Yamato had work hard. He asked why Sasaoka was there since he should have appointment with Saotome. He answered that he had met her. Sasaoka told Yamato that he's there to greet Yamato and Suzuka. Suzuka went back to her home. Sasaoka then asked Yamato to convey Suzuka that he's leaving for America that night. That's why he's there to greet Yamato and Suzuka. Yamato asked if it would be a long trip. Sasaoka replied that it could be 5 to 6 years. Yamato then burst out, "How about Saotome?". Sasaoka replied there's nothing to it. Yamato got agitated and told Sasaoka that Saotome liked him. Sasaoka told Yamato not to be bothered. He added that their relationships were like siblings and she had long considered her as her brother. Sasaoka further remarked that Saotome joked that she would abadon university and follow him to America. He commented that she's still like a child even she's 22 years old. Yamato asked if that's a confession. Sasaoka replied that he didnt know how many time was that. He further commented that he always ask her not to kid anymore and she always replied fine. Sasaoka then asked Yamato not to worry and he had to leave.

At night Saotome knocked on Yamato door. She was drunk and asked Yamato to accompany her in drinking, celebrating her 15th rejection. Saotome was comforting herself. Yamato asked her if it was ok for her not to convery her true feelings. She looked at Yamato and asked him what she should do. She said that he always told her not to kid and she had told him not to call her Yuuka-chan. She continued saying he always treat her like a child. She grasped on Yamato shoulder and said, "Dont be overboard", with tears dripping down her cheeks. Yamato reminisced the moment when Saotome encouraged and advised him on the rooftop. He then grabbed her hand and asked her to leave. Saotome asked where to. Yamato replied, "To the the airport of courwse".

P/S: No chapter the next 2 weeks. Hope Saotome gets her love that she wanted so much, though I dont think Sasaoka would stay nor Saotome leave with him.

Suzuka volume 14 cover.



At 2:59 AM, Anonymous dan said...

This Saotome episode is kinda out of the blue, isn't it? Yamato and Suzuka haven't been resolved at all...hmph, I guess Seo wanted to milk it out a little longer, because I can see the ending coming up soon.

I'm glad it's not going to end like Crossover, though.


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