Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

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Suzuka 157: A bit surprised that Yamato confide his worries to Arima.
Tsubasa 159: After 5 dull chapters of dragging Fai and Yui history, we have not yet knowing what's the second curse. A month of worthless plot. At least, we come to the excitement, Kuro has his sword ready as he faces Fai, err.. Yui actually.
Air Gear 170: After several dull chapter, I was hoping to see some action but it's just Ikki and the Kogarasumaru gang practising. But Kururu was being kidnapped at the end of chapter. Beginning of an exciting arc, not really, I expect another relatively dull plot next week since Oh great like to prolong the plot.
Cross Game 88: Enough of the baseball game, add some other plots!

Romeo x Juliet 15 : Another week of mining adventure. There's development to Romeo so I won't whine on it.
Moetan : Pretty funny in my opinion. Decent animation as well. Only that I'm not ready for such loli scene even though she was potrayed as a short middle high school girl.
Zero no Tsukaima II : Excellent, at least there's something enjoyable this season. Enjoyed the first episode but I wonder if Kirche and Tabitha would have more plots to come. I wonder if the prince's still alive. I'm speculating that the whole incident in season I might be his idea. Anyway, episode 2 is just around the corner.

*Got quite a number of figure order in place: ARIA soild works collection, ARIA Alicia figure, 2 SD Gundams (for my brother) and FF trading arts mini.

Updates: Placed my Yesasia order. Order comprises Romeo X Juliet OP Single, ARIA 10, Pastel 16, Suzuka 15, Cross Game 7 and Aria Navigation Guide. The Aria Navigation guide costs $7.99 and accounts fo 2 shipping unit! My total order costs US$34.40 and shipping cost $22.42 but I have some credits to offset them, so I only have to pay $29.05

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Suzuka 157 Anticipation

Suzuka 157 期待 きたい

From last chapter, Arima asked Yamato what happened to him and if anything has happened. Yamato replied that he had just being reprimanded by his seniors so it’s natural for him to be depressed. Arima remarked that Yamato had expectation from many people and wondered what’s he thinking about. Yamato commented it’s a troublesome matter. Arima didn’t understand. Yamato said that he wasn’t an exceptional athlete. He continued that his university application was also accepted unexpected. There were much better athlete back then. He added that expectation is a heavy burden and he might not have the confidence to fulfill the expectation. Arima then remarked that even so Yamato won’t give up and would continue to put in effort. Yamato replied that he’s not sure. He added that it’s not the time to consider about it. Arima grabbed on Yamato’s shoulder and asked what else is important beside track. Yamato complained that it hurt but Arima demanded an answer. Yamato shunned him off and said that it’s none of his business. Suddenly, Arima gave Yamato a heavy punch on the face and Yamato fell down. Yamato asked what’s the matter with Arima. Arima told Yamato to stop joking. He commented that Yamato had mentioned before that he would beat Arima in the university. Arima contniued refreshing Yamato’s memory, Yamato had said that he would compete with Arima no matter which university he would enter. Arima then asked if that’s all bullshit. Yamato then remembered that Suzuka had told him before that Arima had asked about Yamato achievement when he was overseas. Arima had been following Yamato’s progress as he treated Yamato as a competitive opponent. Yamato answered that it’s not bullshit but..

Yamato and Arima sat down and had a conversation. Yamato told Arima about Suzuka’s pregnancy. Yamato also wondered why he had told Arima about it. Nevertheless, Yamato said that he can’t just have Suzuka keeping the baby but abortion is not an option either. Yamato continued that if the baby was born, it’s not just the matter of going to university, they would cause burden to a lot of people. Yamato said that he didn’t know what to do. Arima commented that if it was him, he would decide on abortion with any hesitation. Yamato told him not to say that because it’s not his matter. Yamato argued that it will harm Suzuka’s health. Arima told Yamato that that’s not a concern. Yamato was shocked. Arima told him that track was the most important to him. Arima asked Yamato if he had the same thought. Arima added that nothing should matter to Yamato even if it was about Suzuka. Yamato got fired up and gave Arima a punch, shouting how it could be doesn’t matter. Arima was surprised but he punched back. Yamato said that he had hated Arima since long time ago. Arima gave Yamato a kick in his stomach. The two fought each other.

Later, Yamato returned home with bruises and nose-bleeding. Ayano san and Miho were shocked. Yamato greeted them, saying he’s home. Miho asked if he was beaten by Mr. Asahina. Yamato explained that it was him. Yamato lied that it was Kinugasa sempai because Yamato had been sluggish and Kinugasa wanted to motivate him. Yamato told them that Suzuka’s matter has been solved and Mr. Asahina has forgiven him. Ayano san was pleased to hear that. Yamato said that he’s tired and returned to his room. As he walked up the stair, Yamato grumbled that it hurt and why Arima fought so ferociously. He reminisced on Arima’s remark “To me track is the most important, doesn’t that apply to you as well”. Yamato sighed and said” To, the most important is …… Suzuka.”

P/S: Yamato must be desperated to have confide with Arima. Now I knw why Yamato fought back. Arima is a cold-hearted and selfish man who only care for himself. I'm impressed with Yamato since he regard Suzuka as the most important to him. Wonder if he would give up track for the sake of Suzuka. This week is rather anticipated so hopefully next week's be interesting.


Cover for Suzuka novel, 220 pages, released in May 2005.

Note: Support Kouji Seo and Suzuka by purchasing the manga. CH available at Yesasia and JP available at Yesasia and Amazon JP. EN is available at Amazon