Sunday, November 12, 2006

Suzuka 128 Recommendation

凉风 #128 推薦 すいせん

Early in the morning, Yamato was awaken by Ayano san, asking him to take a phone call from his school. During breakfast time, Saki teased Yamato on his messy hair. Yamato asked Suzuka's whereabout and Ayano san told him that she had left for her training. Yamato remarked that she was so serious. Saki said he was the one that's lame. Saki asked Yamato about the phone call. Yamato said that his teacher told him that University of Seijou 西常大 sent a letter of recommendation. He was considering whether to accept University of Seijou 西常大 or University of Touto 東都大 offer. Ayano san complimented him but Yamato said that now he didnt know which one to choose. Saki suggested him to attend Touto. She added that it's nearer to their residence, there're more outlets and also fashion design course. Yamato was surprised by the fashion course remark. Saki then told him that she would enrol in Douto. Yamato commented that he thought Touto was good. Saki then asked Yamato to join her and wanted him to make a pinky-promise. Yamato then took leave to his training.

At the training ground, Yamato saw Suzuka's high-jump and was amazed by the height she jumped. He asked Miho about the track situation. Miho answered that Tsuyoshi has been thinking highly of himself, claiming he's the star-player. Yamato approached Tsuyoshi and used the same arm-grabbing technique of Kinugasa sempai. Unfortunately, he himself was also grabbed by Kinugasa sempai. (It was hilarious to see this scene). Later Yamato went to cool himself at the water tap. He realized that Kinugasa sempai also attend Seishou, the university which he had just received recommendation. He then decided to attend Douto because of Kinugasa. Yamato wanted to dry himself bu he forgot his towel. Suzuka approached him and offer him a towel. She asked Yamato to walk home together later.

On the way home, they talked about Suzuka's experience abroad. She had been in the track team but she was happy that she had run on the tracks there. Yamato was relieved that he could talk to Suzuka normally because he had been uneasy since she got back. Suzuka complimented Yamato for achieving third place in the I.H. He replied that he would preder the championship but he was happy that it did help him to get recommendations. Suzuka asked him which recommendations he had and Yamato replied Seijou and Touto. Suzuka told him that she received recommendation from Seishou as well. She asked if he had decided and Yamato replied that he have not. Suzuka then happily remarked that they could be able to participate in the track team together in university. She added that Kinugasa sempai offered to bring them to visit Seishou. Suzuka asked Yamato to tell her if he decided to go and have a look and went back to her room.

P/S: Yamato made a pinky promise to Saki to attend Touto, after hearing that Suzuka would possibly go to Seijou, he's now undecided.