Friday, April 14, 2006

MG Freedom and MG Wing Zero Custom Endless Waltz

Gundam Freedom and Wing Zero Custom are my first two Gundam which I acquired from Hongkong. They are among my favourites, along with Akatsuki, among the rest of the Gundam.

I love the look of Freedom, simple, cool and powerful. Gundam wing zero custom is a must for me due to its elegant features and feathered wing.

ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, piloted by Kira Yamato, in Gundam Seed.

I placed a metallic cardboard at the bottom of the stand and the blue reflection actually looks pretty good.

Freedom with its twin cannons mounted in its wings.

High Mobility Aerial Tactics mode with beam rifle, twin cannons and rail cannons

Freedom with its beam sabers.

XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Custom Endless Waltz

One of the most elegant Gundam, XXXG-00W0 Gundam Wing Zero Custom EW. Wing Gundam Zero Custom is piloted by Herro Yuy, in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz OVA.

Gundam Wing Zero Custom with its poweful buster rifles.

The two buster rifles can be combined into a twin buster rifle.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Round up Mai Otome, GPO and LAP

Quick round up of three anime that has concluded in the last season. LAP, GPO and Mai Otome. I wont cover what the storyline of these anime, rather I'll give some opinions on the series. If you are looking for the summary, please visit Random Curiousity for Mai Otome and Hashihime for Lemon Angel Project.

Mai Otome
This was one of the best anime series for me during the last two seasons. There were lots of humour, action, emotion, "romance" and friendship theme. It basically covers all the theme for an anime expect for magic and mecha. I wouldnt count the slaves as mecha, do you??

The character designs are excellent. Althought they used the same cast from Mai Hime, they have placed emphasis on other characters such as Nina and Arika (they were insignificant in Mai Hime). I like the otome robe design. However, the character coverage was not enough, a lot of characters suddenly appeared in the last two episodes. They should have cover these characters more in depth in earlier episodes. I wish there were more coverage for Mai, Haruka, Sarah, Maya, Rosalie and Ein. The romance in the anime was bit "sickening"; nina+sergay+arika, natsuki+shizuru+tomo and chie+aoi. Nevertheless, the ending is suitable and interesting. The anime can be considered as a success.

The background music and the soundtracks are excellent. However, I wish they would change the ED theme. The anime has two OP theme but just one ED theme throughout the series.

I gave a perfect 10 for this anime considering the anticipation and the joy from wathicng this series. High recommended to all anime fans.

Lemon Angel Project

I actually quite enjoy LAP and rate it as 6 out of 10 for recommendation. There are more humours towards the last few episode. The anime is about the formation of the lost Lemon Angel Singing Group. The background setting and the colours are good. The character designs are presentable and the drawing looks consistent throughout the series.

However, I was not pleased with the soundtracks considering this is a music genre anime. There no action nor romance in this anime. However, a great deal of friendship value has been depicted in this anime.

Gun Parade Orchestra

Gun Parade Orchestra is seperate into 3 section story, the white, green and blue chapter. There are 24 chapters in total, and 2 OVA so far. There should be one more OVA for the blue chapter.

The white chapter was ok to watch, the green chapter got less interesting and the worst was the blue chapter. There are some humour and action but the settings and the colours were not appealing. The characters were not distinct nor special. I dont think the soundtracks were nice apart from the OP theme. However, there were a number of OST released by Lantis. My recommendation is 5 out of 10 for this anime, at least I enjoy the white chapter.

Suzuka 102 Relief

凉风 #102 安心 あんしん

The title page for this chapter depicts Suzuka with sands flowing down from her hands. The chapter started with Miyamoto sempia introducing himself to the track team as the team leader. Yamato is now in the second year of the track team.
kinugasate sempai came back to check on the team and especially Yamato.

Suzuka was training the other selected athletes at the Adirex training centre. Her peers gave her some suggestion in her event-long jump after watching her jump. Yamato was peeping at her. He saw many potential athletes and also Arima at the venue. As he decided to leave before anyone noticed him, Suzuka glanced over and saw her.

They were both quiet on the way home. Yamato was thinking to himself, worrying that Suzuka was angry that he went to the training venue. Suzuka suddenly suggested that they made a trip to the park before going home. They sat on a bench and and kept quiet. Yamato felt like Suzuka was throwing a tantrum like last time. Suddenly Suzuka leaned her head on Yamato shoulder and said "So tired". She said that there were many suggestions given to her and she was trying very hard. But she added that she felt relief when she saw Yamato face back then. Yamato asked her if it would be better for her to go home and have a rest. Suzuka agreed but decided to stay for a little while. She said the sakuras were beautiful.

My thoughts:
I like the ending to this chapter. Suzuka finally able to express her feeling towards Yamato in more natural way.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The A's Anime

Some comments on Ah! My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa and Aria The Natural.

Thanks to Jojohot for the AMG picture

These are the two most anticipating anime for me. AMG season 1 was excellent in my opinion and Aria The Animation also fair high in my impression. AMG centers on the romance between Keiichi and Belldandy, their life on earth with Belldandys' sisters Urd and Skuld. Aria the Animation depicts the story of a trainee Undine, Akari Mizunashi, with her two other trainee friends Alice Carroll and Aika S. Granzchesta, and their 3 peers, Akira E. Ferrari, Alicia Florence and Atena. I had a post on ARIA The Animation before.

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 1:
ああっ願いよ もう一度っ
As good as the first season. Though the opening theme 幸せのいろ was an eye opener, I didnt like it the first time I heard it. The bagpipe was bit annoying. I like bagpipe but it was not really suitable for the OP (a flute or violin would sound better, but I must admit the OP with bagpipe has a fresh feeling). The ending theme ED 僕らのキセキ was good and the ED MV shows pages of Fujishima Kousuke AMG manga.
Story Plot:
The season continue from the incident in AMG season 1. The contract between Belldandy and Keiichi was void because of the damage in Ygdrassil system. There is a way to restore the contract with voice recognition. Urd returned to However, the system couldnt recognize Keiichi conversation of the contract, no matter how Keiichi tried. Keiichi and Belldandy the tried to spend time together with a date. In the evening, Keiichi expressed his feeling and said the exact phrase of the conversation in the contract. The contract was restored and Belldandy was able to stay with Keiichi.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 1:
その カーニバルの出逢いは…
The anime starts with an excellent episode. Both the OP and ED are relaxing to listen to. The OP is Euforia ユーフォリア and the is 夏待ち. As usual the background music suit the anime very well. The background setting is breathtaking and also appealing.
Story Plot:
Ai spend a day with Akira and Alicia at the ARIA company. ARIA shachou packed up and went out on New Year eve every year. All the cats left and gathered to meet the King of Cat. The whole Undine gang met and enjoyed the festival together. They also met Cassanova on their first day at the festival. After the festival, Alice, Aika, Akari and Ai-chan had tea and saw one of the small thingy with Cassanova. They decided to chase after it. Akari and Ai got separated from the group but they met Cassanova. They were invited to sing and dance along. When they reach a alley, they were refrain from following. Aria Shachou revealed itself as the small thingy. Akari and Ai-chan also saw Cassanova with his/it mask removed- cat sith. Matthew has episode 1 summary on his blog.

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