Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alicia Florence Figure at TAF2007

Previously, I post the picture of Alicia Florence new figure revealed at the Wonder Festival. Again, thanks to Dannychoo, post on Tokyo anime fair 2007, we have a clearer picture of the figure's facial expression. The card said that it would be released in July this year for 5500 yen and it's an 1/8 figure!!!

Definitely will get it as soon as it's available for order. I bet Adun has eyed on ths as well.

P/S: Should I continue to collect Akira undine figure which will be released in May???? Got it on pre-order though..

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Suzuka 144 Step

凉风 #144 一歩 いっぽ

Yasonobu laughed at Yamato for proposing in front of Suzuka's family. They were chatting on the school's rooftop. Yamato explained that he never expected that her dad would ask him about his future career. Yamato worried how Suzuka felt when she heard his reply back then. Yasonobu commented that Suzuka would have thought it must be Yamato's impulsive response again and told him not to worry. Yamato agreed. Yasonobu then commented that Yamato and Suzuka had been dating for about a year even though there's a break in between. He remarked that they only kissed thrice and there's a limit to platonic relationship. Yamato told Yasonobu that it's non of his business. Yasonobu then asked Yamato if he was impotent. Yamato was shocked and drink burst out from his mouth and nose. Yamato denied but Yasonobu said that he had the chance when he was dating Honoka and Yui who liked him a lot. Yamato told Yasonobu that he had his own timing. Yasonobu then told him that virginity isn't something he should kept eternally. He added that most of the high 3 boys had relationship with their girlfriends. Yamato answered that even he said so, these things need proper timing. Yasonobu said that Yamato would never make it if he kept waiting. He added that he had mentioned before that guy need to create the atmosphere. Yamato rebuked that Suzuka wasn't those who would consider such thing. Yasonobu remarked that it was more distressing for the other waiting party.

At night, in his room, Yamato read the HDP magazine which has a chart depicting the average age of youth having their first sexual experience. It's 17.4 for boys and 15.9 years old for girls. Yamato wondered if he was abnormal since he's way pass the average age of 17.4 years old. He then read a clause saying that girls were generally fine with it when they entered your room, the rest was up to the boy to initiate. As he was talking to himself, Suzuka appeared through the hole. She asked if Yamato's free. She rented a DVD which looked interesting and had good review. Yamato asked if it was the one advertised on the TV. Yamato jokingly replied that the ending was predictable from the commercial, usually the lover died at the end. Suzuka got frustrated and told him that she would watch it herself. Yamato apologized and said they would watch it together. Yamato was a bit bored but he realized that there were many sexual references in the movie. He wondered how Suzuka would be able to watch it calmly but noticed that she was a bit embarassed. He remembered the clause in the magazine and wondered if that's the reason Suzuka rented the movie. Yamato went close to her and held her hand. She told him to watch the movie properly. Afte the movie finished, Suzuka held Yamato's hand and commented that it would ideal if their's were like the movie. Yamato misunderstood and thought Suzuka was refering to the more intimate relationship. He thought that she was feeling unsecure as well. They looked at each other and with the atmosphere, they kiseed each other. Yamato, with the desire to make Suzuka feeling more secure, touched her breast. Suzuka got angry and asked what's he doing. Yamato slightly squeezed her breast and Suzuka gave him a big slap. She left angrily leaving Yamato speechless.

P/S: I wonder how Yamato mend the relationship next week, probably Suzuka would ignore him and he started worrying about it again.