Saturday, September 01, 2007

ARIA Excellence 3

I was reading ARIA Navigation 56 and it didn't seem interesting to me as it's about Akari and a puppetmaster. Guess Kozue don't want to rush things. I'm very interested to see the development now that Alice is a Prima undine. Page 17 surprised me and I quickly search HLJ and pre-ordered the Desktop calendar.

ARIA Publication Bonanza!!!

Release Date: 30th November 2007
A. Wall Calendar
Price: Wall (left): 2000Yen
Available at Amazon JP
B. Desktop Calendar
Price: Desktop (Right): 1400 Yen
Estimated cost:
Available at Amazon JP or HLJ

Release Date: 22nd December 2007
Price: 3000 Yen or ~US$25.6
Note: The premium poster book 1 & 2 has been a hit. The poster book features several different A2 size illustrations, about 420 x 594 mm.

ARIA Novel 2
Release Date: 10th January 2008

ARIA Undine Magazine scheduled for Spring release.

P/S: I pre-ordered the ARIA 2008 desktop calendar. It's going to run out very fast so act now if you want it. Though HLJ only has the desktop for the time being. If you want both calendar, Amazon advertises it for 3400 Yen. As usual the poster and the wall calendar are both very tempting but both items are large in size and shipping will be expensive. The 2006 publications can be viewed here.

Note to Adun: I hope you're getting both calendars and the posters! Hope there's more new illustration this time. :)


ARIA The Origination

Isn't this a WONDERFUL news???

Just learn this from Adun that there will be a new season of ARIA as mentioned in Mag Garden Comic Blade October edition. Mag-garden has release the news in a PDF document (May require JP fonts installation). No air date has been set.

With the word origination, I was thinking if they would have more plots that are not in the manga since it would be "orignal" that way. But the word Orignation doesn't really define anything, it could be just another "captivating" title.

So Happy!!!! Yeah!

By the way, there's a promo trailer for ARIA OVA ~ Arietta on the official website. I'm glad that the OVA would have a focus on Alicia (my favourite). The OVA would show the story of Alicia in her young age and the time Grandma left ARIA company to her. It also potrays the friendship of the three water fairies when they were young. However, from the trailer, I noted that the character animation quality was not as good as I have expected (Some are very slightly deformed). However, the graphics on gondola and the background setting are all good.

P/S: My Aria Solid Works Collection ordered at HLJ is ready for shipping. The Gashapon cost ¥6650 (Early bird) and the shipping cost ¥1080.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Suzuka 163 Job Search

Suzuka 163 就活 しゅうかつ

Yamato and Suzuka were having their meals at WOS Burger. Yamato told Suzuka that they can live at Ayano-san's onsen residence for the time being. Ayano san had mentioned that it would cost a lot if Yamato and Suzuka moved to a new house. She said that they can live there until they find a job. Suzuka replied that she felt bit guilty for the inconvenience. Yamato told her that they were helping Ayano san instead since Suzuka's room has no been occupied yet. Suzuka then agreed. She remarked that she felt stupid for moving out and moving back again. Yamato commented that it was his fault. Yamato then remarked that it's more important to find a job.
He told Suzuka that he had asked the school if there's any recruitment from companies. However, the school replied that the application date has long expired. Suzuka asked Yamato what he's planning to do. Yamato replied that he'd search from the classfieds in magazines. However, he acknowledged that he might not be able to find a decent job there. Suzuka commented that it would be good if they could find a company with personal track team. Yamato was surprised and asked Suzuka. Suzuka answered that Yamato do have the heart to continue the track. Yamato told her that it would be good if he can continue but the baby should be the priority now. Suzuka agreed. Yamato told her not to worry and he would tell her if there's any news. He asked her to wait for his call.

Yamato went to job interview and he was nervous as there were many applicants. He was called in for interview and he told himself that he can only try his best. Yamato greeted the interviewers and was asked to sit down. Yamato replied yes and apologized for the inconvenience. The interviewer remarked that Yamato was energectic and told him not to be nervous. The interviewer asked Yamato why he chosed the company. Yamato stuttered and didn't do very well in the interview. Back in his room, Yamato lied on his bed. He remarked that he had been to 7 companies and non of them were of success. Yamato commented that not many company have recruitment currently. He felt bad for telling suzuka to leave everything to him and felt ashamed to see her. Yamato got hold of himself and remarked that the baby's coming. He told himself that he must not give up and must find a job. His handphone rang and it was Suzuka. Suzuka asked if Yamato had found a job. Yamato was trying to answer the question but Suzuka interrupted and guessed that there was no success for Yamato. Yamato was stunned. He told her not to worry and assured her that he would find a job even if it's going to be casual. Suzuka asked Yamato if he could come out. She told him that she had something important to tell him and she would wait at the restaurant they always patroned. Yamato asked if she could tell her from the phone but Suzuka replied that she wanted to tell him face-to-face. Yamato wondered what's it was going to be and thought of her wanting a separation.

Yamato arrived at the restaurant and Suzuka called him over. He saw a man and realized that it was Sasaoka. Yamato thought he was transferred to US and asked him about it. Sasaoka told Yamato taht he was getting married in spring and he had to arrange some preparations. He added that he had heard a lot from Suzuka and he congratulated Yamato. Yamato thanked him and asked about meeting him. Sasaoka told Yamato that he had received a call from Suzuka wanting to talk to him personally. He asked Yamato if he was looking for a job. He mentioned that he could recommend Yamato to his company recruitment. Sasaoka asked Yamato if he had found a job already. Yamato replied he have been rejected by other companies. Sasaoka told Yamato that his company has a track team as well. Yamato was surprised. Suzuka remarked that she wished Yamato could continue with his track activity. She added that it would be a pity if he abandon it and Yamato himself also liked to continue with track. Suzuka told Yamato that she wanted to fulfil Yamato's ambition no matter what and thus she asked for Sasaoka's help. Yamato asked Sasaoka if it will be fine since it will be inconvenient. Sasaoka replied that the company had done well last year and they were thinking of recruiting more people. Sasaoka reminded Yamato that even though there's a track team, he must put the job as a priority. Yamato would have to consider track as a extra-curriculum activity. Sasaoka also mentioned that there would be a lot of task to do for new recruit and Yamato might not have time for track. Yamato replied that it won't matter. Yamato seemed a bit down and Suzuka asked him about it. Yamato replied he felt pathetic as he had told Suzuka not to worry but Suzuka had helped him to find a job at the end. Sasaoka told Yamato that it's not the time to be bothered by that issue. He continued that the future was more important and he told Yamato to work hard for Suzuka's sake as well as for their baby. Suzuka agreed and said that it won't be easy (since Yamato had to work to provide income for both Suzuka and the baby). Yamato looked at Suzuka and told her that he would work hard for their sake.

Caption: Three more chapters till the finale.

P/S: Kouji also confirm the finale of Suzuka in his online diary. The 3.5 years of Suzuka serialization is going to end soon. Going to miss it.

Note: Support Kouji Seo and Suzuka by purchasing the manga. CH available at Yesasia and JP available at Yesasia and Amazon JP. EN is available at Amazon


Greetings from Frankfurt

Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany.

It's 5.30am in the morning and I took advantage of the Hotel's internet access. At 3.28am, I called the reception checking the local time, he told me it was 4.28am. I was shocked as I found my time incorrect and I might miss the train at 7.30am. I changed the clock an hour earlier and woke up at 6am (5am actually). I then check the time online and yes, it's 5.30am now. Gee... ho could the reception got the time wrong.

The trip from Perth to Dubai was killing me since it's an 11 hour flight. The flight was well and we did encoutered some trubulences around Indian ocean. I found Dubai very hot. It was 27 degree when I reached Dubai at around 1pm (Dubai time). There was also a lot of people, some people were sitting on the sides of the lanes even though there were chairs just 100m away. The worst was the time we wasted sitting in a hot plane. Our flight from Dubai to Frankfurt was delayed because there's 3 plane arriving and we had to wait inside the train for more than 30 minutes. It was so hot and the air-conditioner was set weak during taxi. Gee... this incident made me lose impression on Emirates. I made an acquitance with a Chinese guy from Beijing. He's going to Berlin. The trip to Frankfurt was not really pleasant since I wasn't given the aisle seat as requested. And there's a compartment at the side so I can't stretch my leg well. Though it wasn't as bad as Wang as his in-flight entertainment system was faulty and he couldn't watch/play anything. I spent most of the time playing games which were classic and simple. I did get the highest score for the Bejewelled game and wrote my name on the record. Ha ha.

The weather in Frankfurt was good when we arrived. It's not as crazy as Perth weather now. I took a taxi to my hotel, Monopol. In Germany, the driver's seat is on the left. I went to th left and he told me it was the right since he's driving. Got bit embarassed. Gee.. the taxi driver was so "reckless". The driver sped 180 on a 120 road, cut lane without signal 80% of the time. He didn't fasten on his seat-belt until 10 minutes later.

The hotel I'm currently staying is quite decent. Though for Euro 99 per night, I would expect a clock and two pillows in the room. The water was weak, similar to the time I went to NZ. Guess, all hotels are trying to save water. The breakfast buffet will be available at 6am so I'm waiting for it.

Hope there's free access at the conference site or the hotel in Antwerp. See you. :)