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AMG Tsubasa Updates

The next arc in line is Chihiro arc. Guess that Hild would be the last arc before season 2 conclude. Sentaro and Troubadour have been revealed at the official website. This means this season will cover the story between Troubadour and Urd and since we know that Skuld will obtain her angel, Noble Scarlet, there must be Sentaro in the Noble Scarlet arc.

Since there's no news about Welsper up to now. I doubt Blue Lance will appear eventhough there's Hild arc. Since it's rather hard to implant Blue Lance into Belldandy and nowhere to pass it to later on if without Welsper.

Introduction from Gateway to Goddess:
KAWANISHI, SENTARO - young boy about Skuld's age who taught her to ride a bike. He is Skuld's love interest and played an important role in enabling her to tap her powers.

TROUBADOUR - plum tree spirit and Urd's former love. He is a good harp player and likes to sing. Troubadour is also known to be very jealous. He went to Earth and visited Urd on his pursuit for the Golden Nightingale.

Kingdom Hearts II Figure

Four Kotobukiya Kingdom Hearts II figures are available for pre-order at Hobby Link Japan at 3610 Yen each. There's Sora, Roxas, Kairi and Axel. They will be released in September.

I think these are pretty much the same model as Final Fantasy models released by Kotobukiya. You can pose them in different poses. I think only Sora and Roxas are worth collecting since Kairi looks bad with her complexion and joints. Axel dressed like Sephiroth but the facial expression is lacking. I'm hoping they will release the Master form and the Final form.

Tomy did release Disney Magical Collection: Kingdom Hearts II Sora in both Brave and Wisdom form. They are about 5 inches. Nevertheless, they cost less. I hope they will release Master and Final form next.

Refresh your memory with Sora looks in different form.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anime & Manga Vintage

A list of vintage anime that is unforgetable....

Nostalgic Anime:
Voltron series [1981-1982]
Genesis Climber Mospeada [1983-1984]
Transformer Masterforce [1988-1989]
Transformer Victory [1989]
Dragon Ball Movie (5-13) [1991-1995]
Gundam Wing [1995-1996] & Endless Waltz [1997]
Dragon Ball GT [1996-1997]

Nostalgic Manga:
Doraemon [1969-1996]
Dr. Slump [1980-1984]
Dragon Ball Z [1984-1995]

I confine the list to 1997, otherwise the list would just get longer. Quite reluctant to add Endless Waltz and Dragon Ball GT since they are not so "vintage". Not a fan of macross or robotech, so didnt add to the list. Sailormoon [1992-1993]..Forget about it...

This is the original Star Saber model which my parents bought me at Singapore 14 years ago. As you can see, it's old and the plastic turned yellowish due to sun exposure. I lent it to my friend many years back and he lost my plane head part, so I dont have the handle to the blade and I cant form the airplane. I nearly lost the whole thing as he tried to denied he had it. In the end I got it back but he lost the plane head. He even accussed that I didnt gave it to him and threaten me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Suzuka 108 Hospital

凉风 #108 病院 びょういん

Suzuka and Yamato ignored each other during breakfast. Ayano suggested that since Yamato has day off from tracks, both Suzuka and him should... Yamato interrupted that he has to work. Suzuka rose and said she's going for training. Ayano and Miho were puzzled by their reactions.

Yamato had a busy day at the cafe. He was going to clean the dishes but Mr Amami requested Yamato to bring clothes to Yui at the hospital. He said that Yamato could pass them to the nurse if he couldnt visit her. At the hospital, Yamato decided to visit Yui since all the nurses look busy. He entered Yui room and Yui woke up. She sat up and coughed. Her top was not properly buttoned and revealed part of her chest. She was embarassed of her messy state. Yui noticed that Yamato wasnt himself and asked him. He tried to act like he was fine but Yui mentioned that he must have tiffed with Suzuka. She told him that Suzuka came and told her just now. Yamato was anxious. Yui sticked out her tongue and said she was lying.

Yamato expressed his thoughts to Yui. He said that he was working hard for Suzuka. Eventhough it affect his training, he did put in effort in tracks too. He couldnt understand why Suzuka said "dislike him" when his performance dropped. He added that he didnt have much time for interaction. Yui asked if it was because of her. Yamato denied and said it wasnt her fault, rather that's how Suzuka is. He looked out the window and doubt everything he had done. Yui felt sorry for Yamato. Yamato decided to go back to work and Yui suddenly said,"How about breaking up". She said that it would be better if this was the case. Yamato was stunned hearing it.

Yui finally revealed her feelings to Yamato.


AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 9

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 9:

Peorth asked for a date with Keiichi. She waited at the fountain early and imagined the romantic would-be moments with Keiichi. Keiichi came but Peorth was shocked to see Keiichi accompanied by Belldandy, Urd and Skuld.

They went to a cinema but Keiichi said he couldnt afford all the tickets. Belldandy showed 5 tickets she got from the newsagency. Peorth was stunned to see that it was a cartoon. After the movie, Peorth led Keiichi away but was caught up by the others. Belldandy then showed the tickets to the Aqua-world. Peorth used her magic to disappear with Keiichi. Nevertheless, they were found. Later they went to an indoor swimming centre. Here where the fanservice starts. Peorth tried to stage a rescue drama on Keiichi. She threw Keiichi into the pool but Belldandy rushed to save him first. The water in the pool splashed on Peorth and Belldandy did m-m resuscitation on her.

Peorth initiated the Goddess 3-event challenge. The first challenge was their angels tickling each other and whoever laughed first lose. The second was the "hit-the-mole" game and Belldandy couldnt bear hitting the fish. The last was the meteor-target challenge. Whoever hit the target first with meteor wins. Belldandy withdrawed from the match and shielded Keiichi from the meteor impact. Peorth said she was disgusted by her hipocrisy. Peorth asked why Belldandy reported their last task as a joint effort since she has passed out. Belldandy explained that the she was able to track and eliminate the bug because it entered Peorth body. Therefore it was a joint effort. Peorth finally reliazed it but she was bushed. Keiichi carried her home. Although her wishes was not fulfil, at least her wish of having a sunset stroll with Keiichi was fulfilled. Peorth later thanked Belldandy.

Next week should be last episode for Peorth arc. There will a new ED soon, eager to hear it

ARIA The Natural
Episode 9:
「その 素顔の星たちは…」

It was Akari first time showing guests around Aqua. Alicia was in the gondola as well. Akari welcomed the guests and introduced them to Aqua. A female tourist spotted a beautiful garden during the tour. Akari has never seen the garden and reliazed that she knows little. Later, Akari searched on her own for unique places in Aqua. She met Aika and Alice. They both showed special places that they have discovered. It was late and Akari hasnt found any unique place on her own. They met Alicia and Akari told her that she would search again at night. Alicia told her that there wont be any lights that night. There will be no electricity from night until the next morning.

At night, Akari couldnt sleep because of the fear of darkness. Alicia came to her room with a box. She took out candles and arranged them around the room and lighted them. They had supper together and Akari told Alice about her incompetency, saying she has to learn a lot to reach Alicia's level. Alicia encouraged Akari with her experience with her mentor, former ARIA undine. Akari spent the night together with Alicia. Alicia told Akari that she still has many things she didnt know but she is happy, because it means that there would be a lot of things for her to discover.

I really like the background and setting for Aria. The picturesque and arts were excellent. Since, season 1, I havent seen any deformation in characters, apart from deliberate deformed expression. And the director and crew actually tour Venice for inspiration.

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Suzuka DVD 9 revealed

The last Suzuka DVD, volume 9 has been revealed. The DVD comprises final three episodes 24, 25 and 26.

The DVD cover so far: