Monday, June 23, 2008


I didnt check my blog stats but probably all my visitor think this blog is dead or probably dead.

Havent got the time and energy to update since I start working. At the moment, I got about 6-7 projects on hand and practically exhausted most of the evening when I reached home.

Anyway, I finally start assembling the MG Gundam Destiny which my bro gave me as a birthday gift back in Feb. Finished the body and the right arm.

Currently watching only a few anime like; Code Geas R2, Soul Eater and Macross. Just pick up Dragon Destiny Guardian (Gee, they didnt even bother to sensor this time). By the way, over the last few months, I watched through One Piece, 359 chapters of them!

As for manga, still the same; Cross Game and Tsubasa Chronicles. Glad that Hatsukoi Limited has finished, not really a fan apart from the female character designs. As usual, Conan and AMG are long-winded series that belong to never-ending story catergory. Air Gear, I only browse through when very bored.

As for purchases, only ARIA Origination guidebook and a SD Gundam on order. Nothing more. The new Kureha figure looks nice, but I have one already.

Ok, to the purpose of this post. Remember when 4 Mega Pixels was such a high-edge technology back in around 4 years ago? back then, 3.2M was the norm and I bought the Ixus 430 of 4Mpixels. It has served me very well, especially when I take photos of kids and need to be fast. Well, it has been years and I have decided to get a new one, an IXUS 85 IS, the slimest canon so far. It's a 10 Megapixel digital camera with latest tech such as image stabilizer, motion detection
and image noise reduction. I have also asked my bro to get an 8Gb SDHC memory card. Maybe I'll retake my figure or Gundam shot in near future to see the difference. ^^

So a tribute to my old camera and a welcome to my new camera.

My new digital camera!!!!!!!!

The new camera taken with the old camera and the old camera taken by the new camera. Confused?? :P

Taken with my Nokia 3.2Mpixel phone camera, showing the dimension between IXUS 430 and IXUS 85 IS, also revealing the low quality of a 3.2Mpixel phone camera.