Saturday, September 06, 2008

Short Note

1. Play-asia broke my shipping... they said wont be more than my original shipping. Havent really check them. But here's what I'm going to receive.

* Aria the Origination Aoi Wakusei no el Cielo Material Collection (The new PS2 II Gamebook)
*Graceful Way / Hana No Saku Hoshi / Il Cielo (Aria The Origination - Aoi Wakusei No Il Cielo Theme Song)
*Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Piano Solo Album

2. Placed the pre-order for Final Fantasy Mini Trading 3!!!

3. A pre-order for Griffin Saber figure at Hobby Search

4. Wanna place an substantial manga order but 2 manga are available but the system still had them as unavailable. Getting the online shop to fixe them. So maybe 30 or more manga by then...

5. Pre-ordered MG Infinite Justice.. Wooo Hooooo!!!!!!