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Suzuka 162 Companion

Suzuka 162 仲間 なかま

Yamato and Suzuka went to see their teacher and told him of their matter. The teacher replied that he would talk to the university regarding the matter. The matter would be raised in the staff meeting but he told them that they wont be expelled. The teacher then told them to go back to their class. Leaving the staff room, Yamato commented that the teacher didn't react angrily as he had expected. Suzuka agreed and she noticed that Yamato had something in his mind. She asked him what he was thinking. Yamato replied nothing and confimed with Suzuka that she had to visit the hospital in the afternoon. Suzuka replied that it's just a regular check-up. Yamato apologized that he can't accompany her but Suzuka told him she would be fine. Suzuka went back to her class. Yasonobu was outside the class waiting for Yamato. He joked that Yamato was naugthy as he had been called for consulatation as the semester had just started. Yasonobu cunningly remarked that it must be about th secret trip. Yamato denied and Yasonobu pestered to know. Yamato told him that Suzuka was pregnant and they decided to get marry and abandon university. Yasonobu didn't believe in him and thought it was a joke. Yamato replied that it wasn't a joke. Yasonobu was stunned.

Reaching the locker room, Yasonobu continued asking if Yamato was serious. Yamato told him that he had something to attend and had to leave. Kinugasa sempai appeared and he wanted to talk to Yamato. Kinugasa asked Yasonobu to leave so that they can have a talk. They went to the park and sat down on a bench. Yamato remarked that he thought he would be beaten by Kinugasa. Kinugasa replied that he would if it would solve the whole matter. He asked Yamato why Yamato didn't tell him the last time they met. Yamato replied that he had not decided back then. Kinugasa commented that they have the freedom to make their choice but he asked Yamato if he knew the effects. Kinugasa told him that the university had lose two potential atheletes. It was not fair to the students who were not selected during the university selection competition. Kinugasa continued that the high school's track team has lost the credibility because the incident. He then seriously told Yamato that the university might not accept any student from their school in future. He remarked that it was the consequences that Yamato had caused. Yamato replied that he undertood and knew the consequences. Kinugasa told him that Yamato should act what he thought would be best since he knew of the consequence. Kinugasa added that he was disappointed with the whole issue. Yamato apologized as Kinugasa took leave.

Yamato went to the school track field, wanting to apologize to the members. He met Suzuka there. He was a bit surprised but Suzuka told him that the check-up took less time and she returned to apologize to the team. Both of them went into the training area. Miki and Kobayakawa saw them and approached them. Kobayakawa sarcastically told Yamato that the university might take back his recommendation for being lazy. Yamato replied that his recommendation has already being revoked. Suzuka and Yamato gathered the team and told them about the matter. Everyone was shocked that Suzuka was pregnant. Yamato told them that Suzuka and him had declined the recommendation. Kobayakawa grabbed Yamato and shouted if he knew what it meant. Kobayakawa remarked angrily that Seijou would probably not offer anymore recommendation to their school students anymore because of their reputation. Both Suzuka and Yamato apologized. Kobayakawa refused the apology and scolded Yamato. Tsuyoshi interrupted and commented that they knew Yamato and Suzuka had put in a lot of effort in track. He added that they undertood their feelings in rejecting the recommendation. All the members supported them saying that there were other university that they could attend. Tsuyoshi joked that even if they wanted to enter Seijou, they could apply through general admission since they were not as stupid as Yamato. Everyone then encouraged Yamato and Suzuka, telling them that they should do their best and give birth to a healthy baby. They added that they would support them from behind. Yamato and Suzuka thanked everyone for their understanding. Kobayakawa then realized that he appeared as the only bad guy but Miki remarked that he was a good senior as well.

Outside the fence, Kinugasa and Miyamoto were looking at the track team. Kinugasa commented that if Yamato didn't apologize to the track team, he would have beaten him. Miyamoto told him that if Kinugasa was supportive, he could just tell them. Kinugasa replied that he would support them by preparing a wedding gift for them and he asked Miyamoto to come along. He then looked at Suzuka and Yamato, saying "Work hard together."

Caption: Inside Suzuka, she bears Yamato child. Yamato stand firm protecting his newborn life and loved one. His companion also support them at the back.

P/S: Basically a chapter dedicated to Yamato and Suzuka telling certain people about their matter.

Note: Support Kouji Seo and Suzuka by purchasing the manga. CH available at Yesasia and JP available at Yesasia and Amazon JP. EN is available at Amazon


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ARIA Navigation Guide

The guide is not new but I decided to write a post about this wonderful book. really glad that Tong Li released the CH version of the guide. The guide was based on ARIA manga, not the anime.

As usual the book cover has the 4 corner story and ended with Maa sachou profile. The slip cover quality are not as good as the normal ARIA manga but acceptable.

The book started with 13 pages of colour pages. The first page depicted the prologue. The next 8 pages showed the venue and scene of Italy that were potrayed in ARIA. 3 pages were then dedicated to illustrate the steps in colouring an illustration of ARIA using photoshop.

The book was then divided into 4 main sections; World Nagivation, Episode Navigation, Expansion Navigation and Making Navigation.

World Navigation
The World Navigation section started from page 15 to page 86.

P17-19: Explored AQUA with details on time, weather, trasnport and culture.
P20-23: AQUA events in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
P24: Information on the Undine
P25-29: ARIA, Himeya and Orange Planet companies and their interiors.
P30: Road to become an Undine and their duties as well as Gondola maintenance.
P34: Information on Salamander
P35: Information on Gnome
P36: Information on Sylph
P37: Information on postoffice, Florian cafe and Glass factory.
P38-39: ARIA characters relationship chart
P41-65; ARIA undines profiles. Each with 3 distinct characteristics, their current work and potential, their summer n winter uniform.
P66-73: Profiles of Akistuki, Al, Woody, Grandma, Postman, Sachous and Cat Sith.
P74-79: Alicia asnwering technical questions on ARIA.
P80-81: Cat kingdom
P82-83: AQUA insider on Salamander and Gnome
P84-85: How to draw Sachous with sing-along

Episode Navigation
The episode nagivation covered page 87 to page 143. It featured detailed episode information from the 1st year to the 3rd year spring as well as special navigation. The section also comprised Aria sachou costumes, Akari's attraction secret, Aika's list of do not as well as additional terms used in ARIA.

Expansion Navigation
Making Navigation

more to come... still reading the book.... exciting !!!!

The guide is available at Yesasia (except ARIA 10) and Bookcafe.

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Received Order

I was surprised to receive two parcels this morning. I would expect ARIA 10 since my friend's mum sent it from HK via air mail last Thursday. However, I was surprised to see a larger parcel from Yesasia. Yes, you heard it right, my Yesasia order has arrived. The order was shipped on 3rd August and it only took 10 days to arrive. From experience, Yesasia order usually takes 2-3 weeks.

So, the items I have just received were ARIA V10, Suzuka V15, Pastel V16, Cross Game 7 & 8, Romeo x Juliet OP and ARIA Navigation Guide. I'll write a post on ARIA Navigation Guide. Really glad that Tong Li decided to pick up the book and release the CH version.

I discovered a secret in the leaflet that came with Romeo x Juliet OP. The illustration of Romeo x Juliet was actually a sticker!

Update: Just reach home and realized that my Romeo x Juliet OP CD case was shattered. In the past Yesasia used parcel box, this time they just place the CD in between the books and wrapped in plastic. I just sent a complain email this morning and looks like another coming up. Bloody Yesasia. Just when the fast delivery overcome the failure of acquiring ARIA 10, you have another reason for me to shift my patronage.

The items I mentioned above are available at Yesasia (except ARIA 10) and Bookcafe.

P/S: I'm a bit frustrated that Suzuka CH V16 came out a few days ago. It's a good news but I would need to wait for a few more manga before I place an order.

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