Saturday, February 25, 2006

I"s Pure 3: Adieu

DVD 3 covers the story of Ichitaka being sick, Iori visit and the gift from the temple, Itsuki helping Ichitaka cutting his hair, the plot of the gang to trap Iori, Ichitaka dating with Itsuki, Ichitaka saving Iori and Itsuki telling Ichitaka that shw would go to America. There is definitely signs of the characters starting to deform, especially during the conversation between Ichitaka, Iori, Teratani and the lying boy.

For more screenshots, visit the links

I"s DVD 3 Snapshots and Summary or straight to Snapshots Part 1 and Snapshots Part 2

My Comments so far:
DVD 3 is still mainly about Itsuki. This DVD is bit disappointing for me as the quality drops compared to the previous 2 DVDs. As usual too much skip. Again Koshinae left out was a big issue here. Although I dont really like Koshinae but leaving him out makes the whole story feel so empty. DVD 3 covers chapter 38 to 40 and then jump straight to chapter 48 ending at chapter 50.

What else is bad? The new hair cut Ichitaka looks ugly. The one in the manga looks much better. The story on the valentine chocolate, threat from Koshinae, denial of Ichitaka feelings and Itsuki appearance in Ichitaka school, all omited!!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ichigo 100% Ending Mizuki Kawashita Comment

I absolutely like the cover for Ichigo 100% last volume, volume 19.

In volume 19, there is a page where Mizuki Kawashita sensei comments on the ending. Thanks to Cyclone for the chinese version information, so I can now translate it briefly here. To read the chinese version of Mizuki Kawashita comment, visit Cyclone.

There were also her sensei comments regarding her decision to end the manga with Nishino Tsukasa as the girl whom Manaka end up with.

In brief:
From fan letters of support, most mentioned the "pairing of Manaka with Aya' ending, It does seem that from the very first chapter, fans would expect Manaka to end up with Aya.

While drawing the series, I only think of plotting the middle high school story, and indeed, has decided to end with an Aya ending. But as time passed and the story moved on to high school, things started to shift slowly

In serialization, it is often required to adapt, therefore looking at the growth/development of each characters, I think the ending should be so.

I like both Nishino and Toujo characters, I continue the manga with the hope that both can find happinness. But sometimes two might be unable to be toegther, because of circumstances and time, even if its mutual. Isn't this what unexpected love relationship is about?
I think that what Aya has learnt about this is the growth of the manga, so all the fans please don't be sad.

Eventhough I cant draw until she find happiness in love, but I guarantee that she will be happy in future ("my comment: how can u be sure, since the manga end!"). Manaka and Nishino's future will be bit more vague/ambiguos. Whether it's to establish a love relationship or to maintain it under different circumstances, both are hard. ~ no no no, both will be happy in future.

My opinion:
Looking back at the manga, it was fun reading the manga despite the disappointing ending. I was Aya fan. :P Though i knew there can be only one girl in the end, either Nishino or Aya. I thought an Aya wnding would be more appropriate and more of a "happy ending".

Many fans liked Misuzu Satomura, but I hate her personality (no offence). Chinami may be cute (kawaii) but both Kozue and her were redundant characters. Satsuki? Well her fan service was abundant, but she dhould be further developed. Yui, another character wasted. I rather have more story on Manaka and his pal, Komiyama.

Thinking back, it's interesting to see how Mizuki could have produced a 19 volume manga series with the theme Ichigo pants. Ironically, one can easy build a story with just strawberry as a theme but a strawberry lingerie???

If you like to purchase Ichigo 100% HK version, try Yesasia Ichigo 100% HK manga. But volume 11 is out of stock. I tried 3 online market; Yesasia, HKComics and Joycomic, all said out of stock. I had to ask my friend in HK to get for me. Luckily he managed to get it but it's the Taiwan version. I dont mind but it's an odd one out of 18 HK version I would have. Wait for more manga available before I order the last 2 volume, 18 and 19.


Suzuka 96 "Secret"

凉风 #96 秘密 ひみつ

The moment I saw the title, my heart felt uneasy, something's happening. The chapter is about Yamato discovering that Suzuka has the option of futhering her studies in US.

The chapter started with Suzuka having a conversation with Saotome's friend. Yamato thought it was baout the shoe deal. Although he did notice Suzuka's burden look, he seems to ignore it, since she 's like that most of the time.

The next day, he had a chat with Saotome. He asked Saotome about the guy. The conversation led her to say that she would end in the same plight as Yamato. Then, he got surprised and asked her. Saotome didnt know that Suzuka hasn't told him yet. She accidentally mentioned that Suzuka will leave in September. Realizing that, she ran away.

Yamato then waited for Suzuka to come home. He then asked her about the matter. She said that she's still considering but Yamato started to feel uneasy. Partly because she didnt tell him at all, and also the feeling of separation.

Suzuka said that the company has agreed to sponsor her studies in US, and she may not be able to enter the National Championship as well if she decided to go. Yamato then got pretty agitated, asking why she encouraged him to aim for the nationals. She said she didnt know about the study sponsorship until after that. They then had some conversation, perhaps should call it tiff. Yamto ended with "Up to you", while Suzuka sadly called out "Yamato-kun".

The next few chapters will obviously test their bondings in relationship. Wonder how Kouji Seo would end this plot. I'll curse the mangaka if he decided to go for a break-off or a sad farewell, and then a comeback. Things look similar to ichigo as days go by.

Cyclone has chapter summary on the webpage but it's in Chinese and a few weeks of delay.

One place I recommend to read Suzuka chapters is Jojo. Although they just started translating the manga from chapter 89, One thing I like about their work is their quality, I think they did some touch-up work. There are other groups which are faster but they didnt have a domain, mostly posted in forums.
If you are interested in collecting suzuka manga, HK version visit Yeasia Suzuka HK Manga link.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cross Game

There some people asking about the Cross Game クロスゲーム manga by Adachi Mitsuru. Cross game is the newest manga series produced by the well-known mangaka Adachi Mitsuru. He is the mangaka behind H2, Touch, NINE, KATSU and MIYUKI.

Cross game depicts the story of Koh Kitamura and the Tsukishima four sisters; Ichiyo, Wakaba, Aoba and Momiji. The theme of the manga is baseball. Adachi's manga always center around a sport theme. The previous instalment KATSU! was about boxing.

Volume 1 is titled Seasons of Wakaba. It tells the story of Koh in fifth grade, with his friends and baseball. Wakaba likes Koh a lot but the mangaka decided to end her life with an accident (drown) in chapter 10.

Volume 2 starts with Koh as 15th years old, high school student. The story focus on his friend encouraging him to play baseball and also feud with Aoba.

Volume 3 would be about the baseball life in the high school, with Koh in the freshie team and Aoba playing baseball too. I think the mangaka would develop the story in such way, Aoba and Koh will be together at the end.

This is one of the manga I anticipate every week apart from Suzuka. I like Adachi's style and flavour. Though he can be long-winded sometimes... but I like his illustration on himself throughout his manga series.

Official Website @ Websunday

Anime Figures from Wonder Festival 2006

While browsing Ollin's website, came across the link for anime figures from Wonder Festival 2006. There were lots of new figures, including mecha that looked like praying-mantis. :P

I would love to get my hands on Teletha from FMP, Belldandy from AMG and Mai + Arika from Mai Otome. Do visit Ollin's website to view the link. I wont put the link here, after all the credit should go to him for finding the links.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I"s Special Manga 5 & 6

I"s special edition manga 5 and 6 released.
I"s <アイズ>Official Website

I”s<アイズ> 完全版 Volume 1,2,3 ,4,5&6

Though a bit more expensive, they are available at Yesasia.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6