Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shining Wind Kureha

At last, something interesting from this lazy blogger.... :p

I'm glad that Kotobukiya release this figure as I'm not keen on getting 1/7 Max Factory Kureha. I like the figure very luch, not only is the colour appealing, the fashion and style are excellent in my opinion. I was surprised that the figure can be detached... you see what I mean later.

It's still in stock at HLJ. I do recommend this for Shinning Wind fans.

Now........... the detachment....

Disappointed? No panty shot? Ha ha.. I guess the detachment is such that otakus can have their fanservices as the skirt can be removed!

P/S: Didnt expect that the Kureha figure arrived earlier than the Gundam Marker. In fact I was wrong, Kureha should arrive earlier as it should be. I mistaken Kureha figure order as the FF Mini collection 2 order, that's why!!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pizza Hut Delivery completed

Finally after 3 years of research and 6 months of thesis writing, it all ends well. Received the news that I passed my higher degree yesterday. Was shocked to see the report that " requirement for correction or ammendments and awarded with...."

I thought my best would be ".. with minor correction" or more likely "...with substantial correction". Never did I imagine this.

So set for graduation in Spring aound September. Weeeeeeeeeeeee..........

P/S: Anyway, Gundam fine tip marker have arrived but yet collected. I can finally start assembling my MG Destiny Extreme Burst. Kotobukiya Shining Wind Kureha is on the way to my doorstep.