Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'll be leaving for Malaysia tomorrow morning 12.55am but I have to arrive at the airport at around 10pm tonight. I do have internet connection back in Malaysia but since Suzuka has finished, it's not going to make much difference. There's a Suzuka aftermath post which I'm still compiling and also an ARIA Arietta summary post coming up.

I'm sure glad that Romeo & Juliet, Zero no Tsukaima and Moetan finished on the same week.

Mood: Happy

Air Gear 179: Kururu's activating her regalia and we see what had happened between Hako and Kururu. Hako's on Sora side and she wanted to hurt Kururu but the Tool Toul To intercepted.
Cross Game 98: Still 1-1... next chapter should be interesting.
Prince of Tennis 360: Fuji vs Masaharu Niou and was winning until the King of Swindlers created an illusion of Tezuka.
Tsubasa 167: The gang arrived in Nihon where Princess Tomoyo attended them. Kurogane got a punch from Yui. Syaoran met Watanuki in the dream.
Hatsukoi Limited 1: Mizuki Kawashita new work. Not too interesting... Arihara Ayumi received a love letter from a a huge guy Zaitsu Misao and she ended up in a fight between Zaitsu and his enemies.

Romeo x Juliet 24: Finale, Romeo & Juliet died, one for the sake of love and one for the sake of Neo Verona.
Zero no Tsukaima II 12: Saito was on the verge of death but saved by an elf. Season ended with Louise giving Saito an explosion again.
Moetan 12: Nao and Ink both made it to the university

There will be a new series 初恋限定 (Hatsukoi Gentei) "Limited First Love" by Mizuki Kawashita, mangaka for Ichigo 100% next week

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Want to know what you can get for ¥5250?

Apart from apparels that were "order stop" on the day it was available for pre-order at HLJ, ARIA is now moving towards more alternatives in apparel.

For US $46, ARIA fans can get one of the above tie and be proud of being AIA fan even in formal wear. The price seem reasonably fair since the tie is 100% silk. The width is 85cm and the length is 143cm.

A few peek at the upcoming ARIA desktop and wall calendar:

Desktop calendar

Wall calendar


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

Mood: Normal

Suzuka 166: Final episodes of Suzuka! Yamato and Suzuka's daugther, Fuuka is so cute.
Air Gear 178: Kururu's back unharmed.
Cross Game 97: Koh reached his limits although he didn't show it.
Prince of Tennis 359: Inui and kaidou lost. Akaya entered demon stance and aimed at Inui. Inui collapsed. Looks like Seishun lost the 2nd match as well.

Romeo x Juliet 23: Juliet taken away by Ophelia.
Zero no Tsukaima II 11: Siesta exposed, Louise cat cosplay and the rebellion of army because of the enemy magic spell/potion.
Moetan 11: Without magic, Ink cannot change to Pastel Ink but she cosplayed and continued with the tutoring.

. Just been informed by my friend that there's a new series 初恋限定 (Hatsukoi Gentei) "Limited First Love" by Mizuki Kawashita, mangaka for Ichigo 100%.

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