Saturday, August 26, 2006

AMG Tsubasa Updates

AMG TVCM will resume with episode 20 on 31st August after a break from weekly broadcast.

AMG Music CD:

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa Drama CD 2 was released yesterday, 25th August 2006. There are 6 tracks in it, comprising recordings from Masami Kikuchi, Kikuko Inoue and Yumi Touma. A bonus song "Kaze no Melody" is included. Heard it and it sounds ok. I was expecting a different feeling since it's titled Melody of Wind. But Kikoku Inoue's voice is angelic. It's available at Yesasia or Play-Asia.


DVD 2 comprise episode 4, 5 and 6 with Urd and World of Elegance as cover. Available at Yesasia and Play-Asia.


Aria Natural Episode 21

ARIA The Natural
Episode 21:
「その 銀河鉄道の夜に…」

An episode adapted from Navigation 30 in volume 6.

Akari heard slight sound of train every night lately. She thought if its the milky railway. The next day she told Aika and Alice about it. Aika commented that Akari always encounter strange things. Akari has been pondering about the milky train and Aria sachou noticed it. At night, Aria sachou gave her a ticket with Cait Sith stamp. It was the train ticket for a day trip to Milky way departing at 2am. Akari seeked advice from Aika and Alice the next day whether she should go.

She also went to calle tram alley and said that it did look like the station in the story book. In the evening Akari talked with Alicia. Alicia said that Akari had always want to know more about Aqua and maybe Aqua would like to know more about Akari too. At night Akari decided to go. They waited at the designated place and the train arrived at 2am. There were many cats waiting for the train. The train master came down and stamped the tickets. A kitten lost its ticket and was not allowed to board the train with its parents. Akari sympathized with it and gave hers to the kitten. The huge size train master approached them. Akari asked if its Cait Sith and thanked it for saving and giving her the ticket. It again touched Akari face and Akari realized that Cait Sith could be the heart of AQUA. Suddenly, the train master gave them a stamp on their forehead.

The train left and the train master later took off its hat, revealing Cait Sith. The next day, Akari saw the stamps on Aria sachou and her forehead and realized it wasnt a dream.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Suzuka 118 Refinement

凉风 #118 洗錬 せんれん

Honoka greeted Yamato and asked why he was there. Yamato replied that he was accompanying Yasonobu. He asked her back and she answered that she had just finished a photo shoot. Yamato commented that the road to fame was tough and that she had to work till late. Honoka said that it was only some shots for a small magazine The crew member called for Honoka to discuss something with her. Honoka bid farewell and left.

The next day, Yamato went for his track practice. They had a 5 minutes break but Kinugasa sempai ordered him to run 3 more laps. Yamato protested and his sempai reprimanded that he needed to work hard since he wasnt even in the top 16 for the IH. Yamato explained that he had personal worries, Kinugasa let him off and commanded him to run. As Yamato ran, he complained that he had donated 10 thousand yen and he should at least be blessed with a good day.

After the practice, by his locker, Honoka passed a bottle of water to Yamato. They walked home together. Yamato asked her why she went to school. She replied that she wanted to talk to him after meeting him the last time. They haven't been seeing each other since the second year started. Yamato asked about her work but Honoka said it was her day off. Yamato asked if there are fans chasing after her. Honoka denied and said that she was mostly with the crew member.

Honoka said that she heard Suzuka had further her study overseas. She praised Suzuka and added that Yamato also practised hard and she need to work hard as well. Yamato said he wasnt working hard. He failed in IH and broke up with Suzuka. Honoka was surprised and asked him for the reason. Yamato replied there were many. Honoka asked if it was the long-distance factor but Yamato denied. Yamato explained that although he had always thought of Suzuka first but in reality he always neglected her feelings. He continued that there had been quite a lot of problems arising and he even forgot her birthday. Honoka asked if that the reason they broke up. Yamato asnwered that he wasnt sure if they broke up or he was dumped. Honoka then commented that he hasnt changed. He was always making the same mistake with his attitude. She added that she was annoyed with his attitude when they were dating. Yamato was stunned but Honoka told him that she was kidding. Honoka laughed and bumped onto a lamp post. Yamato looked at Honoka and realized that she had changed and spoke freely now.

Suddenly, Honoka handphone rang and she realized that she had an audition. She apologized to Yamato and commented that he was more resolute before she left. Yamato realized that his wish had been realized. (He had a good day).

P/S: Mostly conversation between Yamato and Suzuka but I think what Yamato said was important for the reader to know. As Honoka takes the centre stage, I wonder how long we need to wait to see other characters. The last time we see Honoka was chapter 76, so she had been missing for 41 chapters.. Geee...that's about 4 volumes! So do we have to wait for another 40+ chapters to see Suzuka... or even Yui????


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aria Natural Episode 20

ARIA The Natural
Episode 20:
「その 影のない招くものは…」

An episode adapted from Navigation 38 in volume 8.

Aria sachou was sick and stayed at home so Akari went to her usual practice with Alice and Aika. She noticed a woman in black mourning gown sitting by the river while waiting. Aika came and they waited on the gondola. It was a hot day and Alice was late. Aika told a scary story and said that it will cool them down. Aika said that the executed woman in her story would ask the undine to bring her to her destination. Aika added that one cannot take her because the undine would disappear.

After practice, it was evening and Akari went to buy Aria sachou's favourite food. It was late and Akari was on the home. She passed by the same place and saw the woman in black. The woman called her and went on her gondola. Akari told her that she still a single-rank undine and cannot take a customer on her own. However, she decided to help her by treating her as a friend later. They reached the destination and the woman thanked her. Akari was going to leave but the woman grasp her hand. She then pulled Akari away and kept running until they reached a cemetery. She said that she liked Akari and would like to be with her. Akari looked at her face and realized that her face disappeared. Akari was stunned. Suddenly, Cait Sith appeared from behind. The headless woman ran away.

Akari thanked Cait Sith for saving her life and Cait Sith touched her face with its big palm. The tender and soft hand caused the exhausted Akari to fell asleep in its embrace. When Akari woke up, she found herself back home. Aria sachou was so happy that she's back. Alicia had gone to search for her and was glad when she saw Akari back home. Akari told Alicia what had happened and also to Alice and Aika the next day.

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