Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Belldandy Figure

I received my anticipated Belldandy figure this morning. HLJ sent it on 8th Aug, took 21 days for SAL shipping. But when I open the 24x21x32 cm HLJ box, it was worth everything I have paid and wait for. HLJ really took care of the order. There are simple air packs to protect it. They also wrap the figure box, though I dont know why, maybe to prevent the picture on the box from scratches. The model itself, what can I say, the bext Belldandy figure I have seen. It is adapted from belldandy shifuku 2 design.

The figure box is of dimension 27*13*15cm. The belldandy figure is a 1/8 static pre-painted figure and come with a stand. I love the detail of the hair. The expression on the face was done with excellence. Overall, it's worth the 5780 Yen I paid for at HLJ. I'm confident with HLJ purchases now, and I have Kotobukiya Sora Final Form on pre-order too. By the way, this figure is "IN STOCK" at HLJ, have a look.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Suzuka 119 Captain

凉风 #119 主将 キャプテン

Yamato received a SMS from Honoka chan. She told him that her audition result would be out that day and she was nervous. She also encouraged Yamato in his practice. Miyamoto sempai came in the room and and asked him to go for the morning practice. Yamato was shocked to hear that he was selected as the captain. Kinugasa sempai said that Yamato would be the captain for the track team next year. He protested that Kinugasa sempai should have no authority to decide since he has graduated from the school. Kinugasa told him that if he has the authority he wouldn't even consider him. Yamato was puzzled and Miyamoto said it was him who made the decision. He said that he hasnt tell the team member but he's considering Yamato as the next captain. Yamato told him that he wasnt suitable and 小早川 Kobayakawa should be the captain since he was the top 8 in the national. Miyamoto said he has decided and he wont let anyone oppose it. He asked Yamato if he was willing. Yamato replied that he would think about it and left. Kinugasa sempain mentioned that Miyamoto's decision was for Yamato's sake.

Later, walking down the stairs, Yamato told himself that it must be a joke. He joined the team without thinking and didnt put in effort in the practice. He added that if he became the captain, he couldnt pull out even if he wanted to then. Honoka passed by and surprised to see Yamato. He asked her about her audition result. Honoka smiled and gave a victory sign. He asked about her role and she told him that she would be the sole model for the magazine. She came to school to discuss about her absence frequency from school. Yamato congratulated her but Honoka noticed Yamato's moody look and asked him. Yamato told her that he was asked to be the captain. He said that Miyamoto sempai wanted him to succeed him. Yamato added that he's thinking of rejecting the motion. Honoka asked him why and said that he shouldnt decline the motion. Yamato answered that he wasnt suitable with his attitude. He added that there were other who's better than him, for example Kobayakawa who has better achievement. He continued saying that it's not possible for him to be the next captain.

Suddenly, Honoka remarked that Yamato joined the track team because she was there in the past. She then asked if that's the only reason for him to stay in the team. Honoka started to talk about her work. She said that her opportunity came unexpectedly when her photo appeared on a magazine. She said she wasnt interested in the first place but she felt happy doing that now. She continued that she had been in the team for a short period before and she could understand him. Honoka said that even though Yamato wasnt reliable at times but the team members had high expectation on him. That was the reason Miyamoto want him to be the captain, to make him more determined. She added that with much expectation, there would also be more pressure on him too. She then told him happily that would it be happy to be able to answer someone's expectation.

At night, by the window, Yamato reminisced what Honoka had said. She had told him that the decision lie with himself. He spoke out, "It's not for Suzuka's sake, but for the track experience."

P/S: The Honoka photo shot page is excellent!!! The departure of Suzuka slowly turn Yamato into a more determined person. I speculating that Kouji would slowly draw Yamato into a more resolute person in near future, hope Suzuka also looks better. :)