Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day from Belldandy!!!
or you want chocolates from Lacus, Meer, Cagalli and Stella as well.. ^^

Happy Valentine's Day to those in love, and also to those who are still in search of their valentines.

Note: For those in Japan and Korea, remember White day is one month later.

P/S: For singles, those who didn't give or receive gifts on Valentine's Day or White Day, get together and eat Jjajangmyeon (짜장면), Korean noodles with black bean sauce to commiserate their singledom. Interesting tradition from South Korea!!!


Suzuka 138 Insecure

凉风 #138 不安 ふあん

Yasonobu was surprised when Yamato told him about him dating Suzuka again. He was surprised since Yamato told him that he was worried that Suzuka would not speak to him again if he confessed again. Yasonobu asked if Yamato had done something like hugging or kissing by force. Yamato denied but said that he did something pretty similar. Miki approached them with her lunch and asked if they were talking about something hentai. Yasonobu told her that they were talking about Suzuka and Yamato being together again. Yamato told Yasonobu not the spread the news.

Miki suddenly realized that she shouldn’t told Suzuka about their beach gathering and that Yamato invited Honoka. Yasonobu teased that Miki was starting the damaging task. Miki denied and said that she didn’t know. Yamato told Miki that Suzuka didn’t mind. Yasonobu commented that since they had broke off for a year, Suzuka might have dated someone else during that time. Miki then reprimanded Yasonobub for saying something that would worry Yamato and messed up Yasonobu hair.

After school, by his locker, Yamato was curious to know Suzuka’s life in America last year. He walked and suddenly saw Suzuka talking with Arima. He was stunned and Yasonobu’s comment on Suzuka possibly dating someone else replayed in his mind. Yamato hid behind the locker and eavesdropping on their conversation. He felt that they were having an argument but he was curious with conversation. He then wondered what happen between them in America and whether it had an effect on his last relationship. Yamato then approached them. Arima, with his sharp eyes, asked if Yamato was going home. Yamato got crossed and asked if Arima had anything for coming. Yamato looked crossly at Arima . Arima said that he herd Yamato decided to go for Seijou. He remarked that Seijou did not have the facilities that Touto had. He told Yamato that even if Yamato attended Touto, he would not be able to get the 100m representation with Arima around. Suzuka tried to interrupt but Yamato told Arima not to look down on him. Yamato asked if Arima thought he was playing for the last year. Yamato added that he would not lose to Arima no matter which school he’s going to. Arima decided to leave and asked Yamato to train hard that he might be able to get second in the university level.

Yamato apologized to Suzuka saying that Arima was supposed to look for her and he chased him away. He asked Suzuka if Arima and her terms got better in America. Suzuka was shocked and remarked that she couldn’t have got in good term with someone like Arima. She told Yamato that Arima was there to meet him. Yamato was shocked. Suzuka told Yamato that Arima’s senior asked him to encourage Yamato to Touto since there’s still chance of getting into Touto. Yamato commented that Arima didn’t mention about it just then. Suzuka explained that maybe Arima didn’t bother it and he only came because of his senior’s instructions. Yamato then asked Suzuka if they ignored each other while in America. Suzuka replied only very few times. She continued that Arima asked her question such as Yamato’s national position and his current time result. That’s why Arima came and asked Suzuka with irritating manner. Yamato was relieved. Suzuka remarked that Arima was as snobbish as usual. She was angry with Arima sarcastic remark on Yamato getting second in the university level. Yamato then told Suzuka that he had mentioned that he didn’t just play in the past year. He spoke with strong will that he wouldn’t always lose to Arima. Suzuka’s heart throbbed (doki). She turned around and remarked that Yamato had to pass the selection first. She commented that it wont have any meaning if Yamato acted cool but didn’t get into the university. Yamato replied that he knew. Suzuka teased that Yamato’s an expert in talk only and he could possibly failed to get into university. Yamato rebuked her.

P/S: I like this chapter because this basically refuted all speculation that Suzuka had any interest in Arima. A shut up to those who kept speculating Arima & Suzuka in animesuki forum.